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ČETRTEK, 04.04.2024
RAZPRODANO!!! - Mr. Big (USA), Jared James Nichols (USA)

Kino Šiška, Ljubljana
Začetek: 20h
Cena vstopnice v predprodaji: 38 €
Cena vstopnice na dan koncerta: 43 €
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Samo pol leta po The Winery Dogs v Kino Šiški, se bodo na isto mesto vrnili Mr. Big, kjer je matično doma član obeh skupin Billy Sheehan. Prav tako je v skupini deloval Richie Kotzen, tretji član The Winery Dogs.
S to turnejo se Mr Big za vedno poslavljajo za to priliko bodo odigrali celotni album 'Lean into' it v celoti!
Mr. Big so velikani ameriškega rocka. Zasedba je nastala v Los Angelesu leta 1988, ustanovila pa so jo znamenita imena glasbene scene: vokalist Eric Martin, kitarist Paul Gilbert, ki ga mnoge svetovne kitarske revije uvrščajo v sam vrh kitaristov, basist Billy Sheehan, ki je sodeloval tudi z Davidom Leejem Rothom, The Winery Dogs, Talas in Steveom Vaijem, ter bobnar Pat Torpey, ki je sodeloval tudi z Belindo Carlisle, Richiejem Kotzenom, Robertom Plantom idr. Večini sveta je zasedba znana tudi po hitu “To Be With You”.
Bend je začel s ploščo Mr. Big, ki z izjemo Japonske ni naletela na močan odziv, a to se je spremenilo po turneji z Rush in izdaji albuma Lean Into It. Na tem albumu, ki je izšel leta 1991 pri založbi Atlantic, se namreč nahajata hita “To Be With You” in “Just Take My Heart”, ki sta zavladala glasbenim lestvicam po celem svetu. Mr. Big so vladali predvsem med azijskim poslušalstvom (res “big” so bili med Japonci, k čemur je pripomoglo sodelovanje s Sego!), njihova popularnost pa ni nič kaj upadla niti po tem, ko je zasedbo zapustil Gilbert in ga je nadomestil Richie Kotzen, s katerim so posneli dva albuma.
Po smrti bobnarja Pata, so se odločili, da počasi končajo kariero. Enega izmed zadnjih koncertov boste lahko videli tudi v Kinu Šiška.
Predskupina Jared James Nichols.


Mr. Big MR. BIG is putting on their signature top hats and old shoes one last time for a worldwide tour, aptly titled “The BIG Finish.” Since the band’s original drummer and co-founder, Pat Torpey, lost his battle with Parkinson’s disease in 2018, the band now feels it’s time to mark the end of this chapter of their legacy.
Following their run in Japan and Southeast Asia over the summer, MR. BIG brings “THE BIG FINISH” to the UK next March, with four exclusive shows in Nottingham, Manchester, Wolverhampton and London that will see a set spanning their career, including a performance of their classic breakthrough album “LEAN INTO IT” in full.
“We wanted to do a proper farewell, and this seems like the right way to do it,” asserts bassist/vocalist Billy Sheehan. Notes guitarist/vocalist Paul Gilbert, “We’re in the process of making sure we come up with a suitably big entertainment extravaganza to go along with our music. And since our music has resonated so wonderfully in places all over the world, we’re going to play in as many of those places as we can.” Submits lead vocalist Eric Martin, “If we were in the movie business, we’d just put it all up in lights and say, ‘Welcome to The BIG Finish!’ Seriously, I’m glad we’re getting a chance to do it all onstage together as MR. BIG again and raise a flag to everything we’ve done as a band over the years.”
Joining MR. BIG on drums for this special final world tour will be longtime friend of the band Nick D’Virgilio (Spock’s Beard, Big Big Train), stepping in for founding drummer/vocalist Pat Torpey. “We found a wonderful drummer in Nick, and he’s got a great voice too,” confirms Sheehan. “Nick has a vocal range similar to Pat’s, and he’ll be able to do the parts Pat did with a similar finesse. It’s a big relief because MR. BIG has always been heavy on the harmonies. When the band began, we really relied on each other. We knew each guy would do exactly what he needed to do vocally and to do it righteously, on key, and in time. It’s difficult to find a drummer who sings in that range, but Nick has the voice we really need onstage.”
One particular aspect of this upcoming final run that MR. BIG are excited about to a man is the decision to perform the entirety of their breakthrough Platinum-selling 1991 album LEAN INTO IT from start to finish as a featured highlight of the live setlist. (To be sure, the full setlist will encompass Mr. Big’s entire career.) LEAN INTO IT is the perfect litmus testament to the band’s inherent dexterity at blending a variety of styles together, whether it’s the heady rocking brew of “Green-Tinted Sixties Mind,” the power-drilled and power-chorded identity checklist “Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy,” or the truly heartfelt sentiments found within “To Be With You,” MR. BIG’s chart-topping, worldwide #1 smash hit single.
When it comes to harnessing the real thing that best represents the unyielding power of rock & roll, MR. BIG have truly got what it takes. Make sure to catch them before they bring down that final curtain, because when it’s through, it’s through.
Mr. Big Website
Mr. Big @ Facebook
Mr. Big @ Instagram
Mr. Big @ Twitter
Mr. Big @ YouTube


Jared James Nichols It really doesn’t take much…
With nothing more than a Gibson Les Paul slung over his shoulder, a warm amp turned all the way up, and a hot microphone on and ready, Jared James Nichols churns out the kind of rock that rips, roars, and rolls without filter or apology. The Wisconsin-born and Nashville-based singer, songwriter, and guitarist delivers a one-two punch of gritty vocals straight from the gut and incendiary fret fireworks. After earning widespread acclaim from the likes of American Songwriter, Guitar World, Relix, and more, tallying millions of streams, and packing houses at countless shows, he showcases every side of himself on his 2023 self-titled third full-length offering, Jared James Nichols [Black Hill Records].
“You have to strip yourself back so many times to figure out what you’re trying to do,” he observes. “For me, it was quite simple. As an artist, music is freedom; music is whatever you want it to be. So, I see it with the bumps, the bruises, the crashes, and everything intact. The album is a day in the life with the ups and downs, but it musically rings true to who I am as an artist.”
Back in 2015, Jared emerged with his debut Old Glory & The Wild Revival. On its heels, the 2018 follow-up Black Magic yielded the fan favorite “Honey Forgive Me,” piling up over 3.8 million Spotify streams and counting. In between showstopping solo shows, he performed alongside icons a la Slash, Billy Gibbons, Zakk Wylde, and even the late Leslie West, to name a few. Guitar World attested, “If you’ve never witnessed Jared James Nichols onstage, let us say right now: you’re missing out, big time.” Following the 2021 fan favorite Shadow Dancer EP, he collaborated with both Maggie Rose and Joe Bonamassa in 2022 for revised versions of his song “Threw Me To The Wolves.”
Along the way, Gibson formally welcomed him as an official ambassador, plotting the release of several signature Jared James Nichols guitars. Blackstar Amps followed suit and Seymour Duncan also designed a signature pickup to his specification—due out in 2023.
Officially partnering with Gibson was a huge moment in the guitar aficionado’s life. Nearly a decade ago, a Les Paul literally landed into the yard of a fan during the biggest tornado ever to impact Washington, IL. The fan shared a picture of the guitar with Jared. “It was one of the earliest known Les Pauls ever created from 1952,” he explains. “It was battered and bruised with a broken neck from the tornado, but it was still salvageable.” The fan offered to give it to Jared to restore and play. He sent it to one of the world’s best luthiers, Joel Wilkins.
“It is a very important piece of musical history as it is a prototype—1 of 25—to the most important electric guitar shape in the world, the Gibson Les Paul,” he smiles. “It is one of the most perfect instruments I have ever played. I play it every day, take it on tour, and make music with it all over the world. It’s the best way to honor its legacy. I named the guitar ‘Dorothy’ after the tornado experience.”
Fast forward to present time, and after weathering the Pandemic, Jared’s long-awaited return to the road would be unceremoniously derailed. About two weeks into a tour with Black Stone Chery in the fall of 2021, he tried to help his band pack up the stage and upon grabbing a road case, he felt a pop in his right arm. What he thought might be a pulled muscle wound up being bone scraping inside his arm. Whisked away to the emergency room, the x-ray showed a chipped humerus bone due to longtime stress fractures. The only solution proved to be emergency surgery with a chance he might never play guitar again or even use the arm.
“After surgery, I found myself with a plate and 16 screws in my arm, completely sidelined, and back home in bed,” he sighs. “I did not let this hold me down, and I found myself re-working how to use my right arm to play again within days. If anything, breaking my arm forced me right back to square one and to rebuild into the best possible version of myself I could be.”
Busting his ass to restore a semblance of normalcy, he pushed forward and regained use of the arm and his storied guitar proficiency. Going into the next season, Jared made a decision to track his next body of work live, reflecting the spirit of his show on tape like never before. Joined by producer Eddie Spear, the album proudly preserves all of the grit and gusto from the rooms in Blackbird Studios and Sienna Studios where he first cut the tunes.
“It was made live with intention and zero fucks given,” he notes. “It wasn’t like we could fix the tempos. We didn’t use a click track. I wrote a batch of songs to capture everything I’m about. I didn’t hold back. I thought of what I listened to growing up, whether it was grunge or blues. We got a little heavier. I made a record to serve as the menu for the live show. There’s an element of excitement and danger. It’s my version of rock ‘n’ roll with a little more humanity.”
Speaking of, he paved the way for the record with the 2022 release of the hypnotic and hyper-charged “Hard Wired.” Born from a jam session with Tyler Bryant and Graham Whitford, the single bulldozed a path for Jared James Nichols with no shortage of raw and raucous six-string bravado.
“Sometimes, a song comes out of nowhere and basically writes itself, and that is exactly what happened with this one,” he says. “I immediately knew it was going to be a song I wanted to incorporate into my live set and cut for this record. Lyrically, it comes from a place of self-destruction. You know something is bad for you, but you continue to do it anyway even though the result will be tragic. It’s like a stick of dynamite ready to blow, and it encapsulates the mood and tone of this entire record.”
On the follow-up single “Down The Drain,” vulnerable vocals snake around melodic guitar in ominous fashion. Baring its fangs, it snaps into a chantable chorus punctuated by a wailing lead.
“It’s easy to get addicted to a shitty relationship,” he reveals. “You know it’s going to end wrong, but you can’t get out. You’re going down the drain. The concept is relatable to everyone, whether it’s about a friend or a romantic relationship.”
From the jump, the record kicks into high gear with the bluesy wallop of “My Delusion.” In between steady tambourine, distortion roars as he confesses, “Your body is my temple, and your heart is my ruin.”
“‘My Delusion’ kept evolving,” he recalls. “It was like water starting to boil. By the time you get into the solo and the riff, it’s ready to go off the rails. When we stopped after the second take, we were sweating head-to-toe. We knew we got it!”
On “Hallelujah,” a flurry of drums gives way to a thick and heavy battering ram of a blues riff only to crash into a rickety bass line and atomic shredding.
“It was recorded balls to the wall,” he remembers. “We were like, ‘Let’s go’. I was channeling all of my heroes. Obviously, the first riff I ever learned was a Black Sabbath tune. It’s a fist in the air song.”
“Good Time Girl” pays homage to “going out, drinking, partying, and having a good time” over a hummable guitar groove. The record culminates on the emotionally charged “Out Of Time.” Jared’s Les Paul practically cries out as he says goodbye to his old man with a heartfelt and tearful tribute.
“I lost my dad, and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever dealt with in my life,” he admits. “I wrote ‘Out of Time’ when I was thinking of him. It’s a heavy song. I was crying when I was doing the vocals. It’s a different vibe, but it’s impactful for me.”
By keeping it simple, Jared remains primed to leave his imprint on rock ‘n’ roll forever.
“I hope you listen to this record and connect to it,” he leaves off. “Rock ‘n’ roll is not always about a throwback. It’s fucking 2022, dude. I’m right here, and I’m ready to rip. I’m not trying to be anybody but myself and play the music I love for today. I’m giving you loud ass guitars and no fucks given rock ‘n’ roll, and I’m loving it.”
Jared James Nichols Website
Jared James Nichols @ Facebook
Jared James Nichols @ Instagram
Jared James Nichols @ ReverbNation
Jared James Nichols @ Spotify
Jared James Nichols @ Twitter
Jared James Nichols @ YouTube

04.04.2024 - Mr. Big (USA), Jared James Nichols (USA) @ Kino Šiška, Ljubljana

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ČETRTEK, 04.04.2024
Angelus Apatrida (Spa), Battlecreek (Ger)

Menza pri koritu, Metelkova, Ljubljana
Začetek: 20h
Cena vstopnice v predprodaji: 22 €
Cena vstopnice na dan koncerta: 25 €
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4. aprila bomo v Menzi pri koritu gostili thrash metal dvojec - vsem že znani Angelus Apatrida in Battlecreek!
Angelus Apatrida ste lahko slišali že večkrat na festivalih v Tolminu, nedavno kot predskupino Death Angel in Sacred Reich ali pa na kar nekaj drugih koncertih v bližnji preteklosti. Gre za neuničljive španske thrasherje, na katere je pač treba vedno it! Varovanci založbe Century Media vas bodo nedvomno vrgli na rit!
Nemški Battlecreek so novinci na naših odrih, ampak le hiter ogled njihovih video spotov nas takoj prepriča, da gre za band, ki bo pričaral nor moshpit in spil vse na šanku.


Angelus Apatrida The world has taken a battering over the last few years, but ANGELUS APATRIDA are leading the fightback.
Spain’s greatest ever exponents of forward-thinking thrash metal began their campaign at the turn of the century and have been a consistent force for heavy good ever since. From their ferocious 2006 debut album Evil Unleashed and 2010’s widely acclaimed Clockwork (the band’s first for Century Media), to more recent triumphs like 2018’s Cabaret de la Guillotine, ANGELUS APATRIDA have become increasingly unstoppable. In 2023, they release Aftermath: a vicious and vital response to the chaos we see all around us.
Like everyone else, ANGELUS APATRIDA did have to negotiate the restrictions and frustrations of the Covid pandemic. With touring plans for 2020 cancelled, they simply switched their focus to the creative process. The result was Angelus Apatrida, a self-titled record that sought to redefine its creators’ era-blending sound, with renewed intensity and uproarious lyrical sensibilities that dug deep into the realities of the modern world. Climbing to the top of the official album charts in Spain at # 1 as well as marking the band’s first ever chart entries in Germany at # 49 and Switzerland at # 41 upon release in 2021, the album showcased a band at the peak of their powers. Understandably, ANGELUS APATRIDA were absolutely itching to get back on the road, which they eventually did with a vengeance.
“We started doing some shows trying to keep things going until the summer of 2021, and then at the end of the year we were able to do some important venues and festivals”, recalls guitarist/vocalist Guillermo Izquierdo. “We spent 2022 and 2023 touring, mostly in Europe and North America. We’ve played Hellfest, Graspop, Dynamo, Resurrection Fest, Rock Fest and Leyendas del Rock, and we did our first headlining tour in the US and Canada. In February 2023 we did the last four dates of the tour in Spain with four total sell outs!”.
Clearly one of the hardest-working bands in metal, ANGELUS APATRIDA were not content with simply returning to the live arena. Even as they toured, work on their next album began. Pre-production for Aftermath was finished in March 2023, and the band swiftly hit the studio in their hometown of Albacete, once again collaborating with trusted live and studio engineer Juanan López on the capturing of these new metal explosions. The finished tracks were then sent to the legendary Zeuss (Rob Zombie/Overkill/Hatebreed) at Planet-Z in Wilbraham, Massachusetts and polished to a devastating sheen. The results speak for themselves: Aftermath is titanium-plated modern thrash of the highest order.
“Every time we sit down and write new music, we try to do the best we can and to put all the new things and experiences we had over the last few years into the mix”, says Guillermo. “The new songs are pure ANGELUS APATRIDA. They’ve got every single essence of the band. There are many songs containing more personal feelings than on previous records. We’re going deep into our souls and feelings sometimes. Since we are living strange, difficult and dark times, we liked the concept of an aftermath. After everything that has happened since 2020 and is still happening in the world, in our society, and in our lives, a lot of strong feelings have come through in the music and lyrics”.
Aftermath is undoubtedly the most heartfelt and powerful record in ANGELUS APATRIDA’s illustrious history, but it’s also one of the heaviest and most direct. From the neck-wrecking adrenalin rush of opener Scavenger to the dark might of the closing Vultures And Butterflies, the Spanish quartet’s eighth studio record displays the songwriting muscle and playing prowess of bands like Metallica, Testament and Pantera, while still delivering a huge, jolting dose of ANGELUS APATRIDA’s distinctive trademark attack.
“We can describe Aftermath as what METAL means to us”, Guillermo states. “It contains the best songs we ever written. It is just very difficult to pick just one or two highlights on this album since every single track could be a single itself”.
Confirming their sturdy reputation in the global metal scene, ANGELUS APATRIDA invited some heavyweight figures to add their talents to Aftermath. Hatebreed’s iconic frontman Jamey Jasta lends his caustic bark to Snob, while Queensrÿche vocalist Todd La Torre lends his spectacular tones to Vultures And Butterflies. Elsewhere, Pablo Garcia, guitarist with Spanish power metal legends Warcry, does his virtuoso thing on the incendiary Fire Eyes, and Spanish rap star Sho-Hai brings the noise on the brooding What Kills Us All.
With no need to regain momentum, ANGELUS APATRIDA are more ready than most to let rip again in 2023. Aftermath marks a pinnacle in this band’s determined and always fruitful career. It’s a defiant, uplifting and resolutely metal-as-fuck response to an era defined by chaos and fear. It’s the sound of ANGELUS APATRIDA, doing what they do, but bigger, better, louder and with more passion than ever.
“As soon as the album is released, we are starting a HUGE live campaign”, concludes Guillermo. “We start with a big European tour that will cover most of the mainland and the UK, and we are already working on getting back to Oceania and Asia, Latin America and making our return to the United States and Canada during the first half of 2024. Expect a great live festival season for summer 2024 and more tours! We’re coming!”.
Angelus Apatrida Website
Angelus Apatrida @ Deezer
Angelus Apatrida @ Facebook
Angelus Apatrida @ Instagram
Angelus Apatrida @
Angelus Apatrida @ SoundCloud
Angelus Apatrida @ Spotify
Angelus Apatrida @ TikTok
Angelus Apatrida @ Twitter
Angelus Apatrida @ YouTube


Battlecreek BATTLECREEK is an old school Thrash Metal band from Bavaria / Germany. Founded in 2004, they have constantly refined their music and developed a high grade of technical skills.
Battlecreek @ Bandcamp
Battlecreek @ Facebook
Battlecreek @ Instagram
Battlecreek @ ReverbNation
Battlecreek @ Spotify
Battlecreek @ YouTube

04.04.2024 - Angelus Apatrida (Spa), Battlecreek (Ger) @ Menza pri koritu, Metelkova, Ljubljana

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ČETRTEK, 11.04.2024
RAZPRODANO!!! - VV (Fin), Zetra (UK)

Cvetličarna, Ljubljana
Začetek: 20h
Cena vstopnice v predprodaji: 42 €
Cena vstopnice na dan koncerta: 47 €
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Ste zmedeni? Kaj je to VV? Znane oči? Heartagram?
Seveda, to je Ville Valo, ki vam bo predstavil svoj novi album Neon Noir. Ne skrbite, pravi da bo 50% programa tudi dobrih starih HIM hitov.
Ville Valo je pevec, pisec besedil in gonilna oseba (frontman) finske glasbene skupine HIM. Ni malo teh, ki ga zaradi temačnosti njegovih besedil in imidža primerjajo s Kurtom Cobainom (Nirvana) in Jimom Morrisonom (katerega je Ville igral v videu skupine The 69 eyes Wasting the dawn) iz legendarne skupine The Doors.
Tokrat v Ljubljani s svojo novo skupino z imenom VV.
Kot predskupina bodo nastopili londonski darkerji Zetra.


VV And so ends a new beginning. Nine short months have passed since Neon Noir cast its goth-inflected enchantments on the world. As a record it was more than twelve wrought-iron statements of intent. It marked a triumphant return of VILLE VALO to the live stage, and the ensuing seasons have seen His Infernal Majesty summoning a long dormant worldwide flock with a bold new testament to his rare ability to craft timeless melodies that speak powerfully to matters of the heart.
But while VV’s glorious second act has already seen its share of brilliant highlights, it now emerges that some of its brightest moments are yet to come. More importantly, it has been announced that they will not shine forever.
Hot on the heels of a rapturously-received Neon Noir tour and a current US run with Black Veil Brides comes a new slew of dates which will include the return of legendary, Valo-curated New Year’s bash Helldone Festival on December 31st. It will also see VV making a historic, headlining appearance at one of the most prestigious and revered music venues in the world: London’s Royal Albert Hall on May 10th, 2024.
As the artist formerly known as HIM now reveals, these are more than mere upcoming appearances. Not only will they mark the end of Neon Noir’s touring cycle. They will also herald the end of Ville Valo’s latest reincarnation. He says:
“The idea behind VV and Neon Noir was to symbolically finish what HIM started, and after the bangs and whimpers at the Royal Albert Hall it's time to reshuffle the pieces of the puzzle once again and give Herbert West a shout.”
As for what might come next, well – that’s a mystery, for now.
“I had no expectations whatsoever when releasing music under the banner of VV, so I've been quite shocked to see people still find my kind of racket enjoyable, warts and all. Touring has been way less painful than I dared to hope, and as we say in Finland, it fits my arse like a glove. A mourning glove from a bygone era.”
“I hope you listen to this record and connect to it,” he leaves off. “Rock ‘n’ roll is not always about a throwback. It’s fucking 2022, dude. I’m right here, and I’m ready to rip. I’m not trying to be anybody but myself and play the music I love for today. I’m giving you loud ass guitars and no fucks given rock ‘n’ roll, and I’m loving it.”
VV Website
VV @ Deezer
VV @ Facebook
VV @ Instagram
VV @ Spotify
VV @ YouTube


Zetra The Portal has opened, the Darkness is calling. Absolution can only come through loss. A sacrifice must be made. Zetra asks the question. Do you believe enough?
Zetra @ Bandcamp
Zetra @ Facebook

11.04.2024 - VV (Fin), Zetra (UK) @ Cvetličarna, Ljubljana

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TOREK, 16.04.2024
Inquisition (Col/USA), Demonical (Swe)

Orto Bar, Ljubljana
Začetek: 20:30
Cena vstopnice v predprodaji: 22 €
Cena vstopnice na dan koncerta: 25 €
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Black metal dvojec Inquisition se vrača! Besen bolj kot kadarkoli prej!
Kot predskupina švedski death metalci Demonical!


Inquisition The band Inquisition was formed in 1988 in Cali, Colombia by Dagon. The band started as a thrash metal act, and in 1994 evolved into raw black metal.
In 1996, Dagon left Colombia and moved back to the United States to continue Inquisition and search for a new drummer. That same year Dagon met Incubus, who joined the band on drums and the creation of their debut full length album began. This line-up has remained stable for more than fifteen years and is now seen as the classic Inquisition line-up.
INQUISITION style of black metal involves slow, deep and dark riffing combined with sudden tempo changes to faster sections based around blast beats and high-speed riffing; at times adding melodic solos. The classic Inquisition sound incorporates a combination of early era thrash metal-influenced riffing with darker and more chaotic black metal, primarily involving fast, tremolo picked minor-key guitar riffs, thus creating the trademark "Inquisition sound".
Inquisition Website
Inquisition @ Deezer
Inquisition @ Facebook
Inquisition @ Spotify
Inquisition @ YouTube


Demonical Demonical was spawned in March 2006 by former Centinex members Johan Jansson (guitars & vocals), Martin Schulman (bass) and Ronnie Bergerstål (drums) with a mission to return to the roots of death metal and deliver a sheer dose of darkness and brutality.
The first audio assault, a four-track promo attack entitled “Bloodspell Divine”, was recorded at Necromorbus Studios during July the same year. In November 2006, Demonical added vocalist Ludvig Engellau to the line-up (because Johan wanted to fully concentrate on the six-string axe) and signed a worldwide multi-album deal with the German label Cyclone Empire.
The band’s first full-length album, “Servants of The Unlight”, was recorded at both Black Lounge and Necromorbus Studios during January and February 2007 and released in April the same year.
In November 2007, Temple of Darkness released a limited Demonical/Absu 7″ EP featuring one track from the “Bloodspell Divine” promo. In December 2007, the band parted ways with vocalist Ludvig Engellau due to musical and personal reasons.
Demonical continued for a few months with various session vocalists until late March 2008, when Sverker “Widda” Widgren came on board as the new fulltime frontman.
The band's second full-length album, “Hellsworn”, was recorded at Necromorbus Studios between December 2008 and February 2009 and released by Cyclone Empire in May 2009.
A split 7″ EP called “Imperial Anthems Vol.1” with Paganizer was released by Cyclone Empire in early 2010. This limited vinyl featured an exclusive Demonical track recorded at the “Hellsworn” session.
In September 2010, Demonical once again entered Necromorbus Studios in order to record “Death Infernal”, their anticipated third full-length album. The album was recorded throughout the fall and released in Europe by Cyclone Empire (April 2011) and in North America by Metal Blade (July 2011).
During the fall of 2011, drummer Ronnie Bergerstål decided to leave the band due to scheduling conflicts and he was replaced by Fredrik Widigs. After “Death Infernal” was released the band decided to add a second guitarist for live situations. A few session members were used at several tours until Daniel Gustavsson joined as a full-time member during the summer 2012.
The first half of 2013 was spent at both Necromorbus and Wing Studios in Stockholm with the recordings of the bands fourth album, “Darkness Unbound”. After the recording a line-up change took place with Johan Haglund replacing Johan Jansson and Ämir Batar replacing Fredrik Widigs. “Darkness Unbound” was released worldwide in November 2013. A limited split 7”EP with Nunslaughter, entitled “European Deathcharge”, was released in July 2014 in support of both bands joint co-headlining tour.
In December 2014, Demonical both parted ways with drummer Ämir Batar and guitarist Daniel Gustavsson as well as inked a new worldwide deal with Agonia Records. The first release for their new label-home, a four track MCD entitled “Black Flesh Redemption”, was recorded at Wing Studios in early 2015 and released in April. The recording featured session members Eki Kumpulainen on guitar and Kennet Englund on drums.
In early 2017, the band parted with long time vocalist Sverker Widgren, due to time- and priority related matters, and replaced him with Alexander Högbom. At the same time guitarist Eki Kumpulainen and drummer Kennet Englund became permanent members of Demonical making the band a solid and stable unity ready for the things to come. During the fall of 2017, Demonical recorded their fifth full-length album entitled “Chaos Manifesto” - together with the award-winning Swedish producer Karl Daniel Lidén - for a March 2018 release through Agonia Records.
In the summer of 2019, both vocalist Alexander Högbom and drummer Kennet Englund decided to leave the band due to time- and motivation related issues once the touring cycle was finished. Demonical recorded their sixth album, “World Domination”, during the summer 2020. The album was released in October 2020, and it marked the return of original drummer Ronnie Bergerstål and debut for new vocalist Christofer Säterdal.
As the worldwide pandemic was raging across the globe during 2020 and 2021, all planned shows and tours were cancelled. Instead of just sitting and waiting for better times, the band focused on writing new material and the result became “Mass Destroyer”, the seventh full-length. “Mass Destroyer” was recorded during the summer of 2021 with the same production team as last time, resulting in a fresh and dynamic disc packed with Stockholm style death metal.
The album came out in May 2022 and was supported by tours and several festival appearances.
In October 2022, Agonia Records released “In League with Death”, a five track EP featuring rare and unreleased material.
In early 2023, vocalist Christofer Säterdal left the band due to family related matters and was replaced by Charlie Fryksell. A new two track EP, “Into Victory”, was released in March 2023 presenting the new line-up and showcasing the bands path forward.
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16.04.2024 - Inquisition (Col/USA), Demonical (Swe) @ Orto Bar, Ljubljana

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SREDA, 24.04.2024
Srd (Slo), Ater Era (Slo), Britof (Slo)

Orto Bar, Ljubljana
Začetek: 19h
Cena vstopnice v predprodaji: 16 €
Cena vstopnice na dan koncerta: 20 €
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V sredo, 24. 4., bodo Orto bar zavzele tri velesile slovenske metal scene – SRD, ATER ERA in BRITOF. S tem dnem bodo obeležili začetek 12-dnevne evropske turneje pod imenom Theatrum Mortis Humanæ.
Bodite priča temačnemu obredu – obredu človeške smrti!


Srd Tendenca zejavega brezna je ta, da na vsake toliko izbljuva gnoj, ki širi mizantropijo in melanholijo neznanih razsežnosti ter nudi povod vsakemu ljudomrznežu, da prestopi navidezne meje družbe in končno zarije nož v hrbet brata človeka. Tako je vse od Kaina naprej. Srd, peterica trubadurjev temin, tako svoje poslanstvo vidi v tem, da s svojimi black'n'roll vižami postreže nič manj kot pekel in manifestira agonijo človeštva zadnjih nekaj tisoč let ter spodbuja k večnemu vračanju le tega.
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Ater Era Ater Era is a Slovene extreme metal band characterized by a primal black metal sound and an unusual tendency towards psychedelic and ambient interferences.
The band was born as a solo project in June of 2006 and created to further evolve the darkness invoked by its defunct forerunner: the black metal act Torka (2001-2005).
Initiator was S.S. band vocalists, guitarist and songwriter.
The following two year of songwriting ended up in recording sessions, in summer 2008. In autumn's solitary decline is Ater Era’s debut album entirely performed and recorded by S.S. himself.
In early spring of 2009 A.S., Human Host Body's drummer joined Ater Era as a full member.
In December 2009 Ater Era performed their first live appearance in Koper. In the beginning of 2010 the departure of D.K »Tenebra« caused a temporary hiatus. In the meanwhile the band (just as a duo at the time) started composing and recording the second album.
In November 2010 the line up was finally completed by the new bass player I.J., who is also playing guitar in a black metal band called Krvnik.
In September 2011 “In autumn’s solitary decline” was finally released through Mater Tenebrarum Records.
In May 2013, "Beneath inanimate grime", the second full length album, has been released through German label Pestilence records.
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Britof Graveyard rocknroll from the bowels of hell!
Britof offers you a dose of filth, blasphemy, guts, doom and gore...
Hail satan! \m/
Bass/vox: Kokta
Guitar: Pok
Drums/vox: Alex
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24.04.2024 - Srd (Slo), Ater Era (Slo), Britof (Slo) @ Orto Bar, Ljubljana

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NEDELJA, 13.10.2024
Ellende (Aut), Groza (Ger), Servant (Ger)

Orto Bar, Ljubljana
Začetek: 19h
Cena vstopnice v predprodaji: 25 €
Cena vstopnice na dan koncerta: 29 €
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Tokratna črna nedeljska maša bo gostila tri mlajše evropske black metal skupine: avtrijske Ellende in nemške Groza in Servant!


Ellende The austrian black metal project was founded in the year 2011 by L.G. as a soloproject and turned into a live project in 2012 with session musicians.
The band’s name comes from a Middle High German adjective originating from the West Germanic *alja-landja-, which can be translated as „being out of the(/one’s) country“. In the sense of „exiled“, this took on a negative connotation over time, reflected nowadays in modern German elend, i.e. „miserable“.
Ellende is strictly L.G.’s solo-project. All other people involved are session/live musicians.
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Groza Black Metal from Bavaria, Germany. Founded in 2016.
Groza @ Bandcamp
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Servant Servant is a German black metal band from lower saxony which was founded in 2021 within the release of their well reviewed debut ‘Blessed By The Light Of A Thousand Stars’. Servant stands on the shoulders of great Scandinavian bands without the lack of an individual sound. Servant presents their style of Black metal both in a majestic and furious way.
New Album ‘Aetas Ascensus’ out now!
Servant @ Bandcamp
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Servant @ Spotify

13.10.2024 - Ellende (Aut), Groza (Ger), Servant (Ger) @ Orto Bar, Ljubljana

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