The purpose of the homepage is to inform a wide spectre of alternative music enthusiasts about the events unfolding within the sphere of the Dirty Skunks concert cycle, carried out by the Veseli Dihurčki Cultural Association. The Dirty Skunks concert cycle is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the Municipality of Ljubljana, and let us not forget to mention the Obsešen stores which occasionally provide us with merchandise. And of course concert halls, without which we wouldn't have the conditions to organize concerts on your behalf: Gala Hala, Channel Zero, Orto Bar, Kino Šiška
During the concert season you can visit us every Saturday at the Orto Bar where we organize traditional metal nights!

The Dirty Skunks concert cycle has been destroying your ear drums since 2002. In that period we have organized over 300 concerts (around 600 different bands) of various alternative music genres (metal, hardcore, punk …). The purpose of the concert cycle is to present the sweeter part of the subcultural life to the youth and the young at heart and to thourgh music oppose hate, frustrations, and all other negative attributes, which are the products of modern society.

Hoping we've never let you down with our offer and that you'll partake in lots of our events!
- The Veseli Dihurčki Cultural Association/Dirty Skunks team

(Veseli Dihurčki Cultural Association has and will continue to cooperate with other organizers in Slovenia: Društvo KAPA, ŠKUC Buba, Master of Metal, ROPOT Vidmar, Channel Zero Crew, Paranoid team … Check out their concerts as well!)

To mark our 10th anniversary on February 6 2012, we released a short documentary film called Decade of Stench, which was made in its entirety in just ten days (we simply didn't think of it sooner) and presents an excellent way to get to know us better!
Decade of Stench presents all the effort the Skunks Črt and Matej place in their work and their selfless contribution to the alternative music scene, as described by their long-time co-workers and friends. The story takes us from the very beginning to the present day, revealing many obstacles the organization had to face during a decade of intense activity. To concert visitors and others this documentary presents an excellent insight into the difficult work of organizers and reveals viewpoints that many have never even dreamt about.