ŽrecThe band ŽREC was founded in summer 2004 in small town of Vysocina, highlands in the south-west of Moravia, Czech Republic. The founder members were Torham (guitar), Soulburner (bass, vocals) and Sarapis (drums). Since the beginning ŽREC tended to the waters of pagan metal but it was just raw form of this style at that time. Fresh wind came with joining new member Ingvarr in the middle of 2005 who played keyboards and soon he brought lot of folklore music ideas spiced by his original way of singing.
In March 2006 ŽREC came to studio and recorded there its first demotape called „Nový vek pohanský“ (In English: "New age of paganism"). It was the first contact with metal scene. This demo contained three songs (each one over six minutes long) and had many positive reviews in interested webzines as well as among metal fans.
In next months the band made some gigs and slowly started composing new songs and upgrading the sound by several authentic folk instruments like violin, wooden flute or shepherd's pipe.
Markedly the notice about ŽREC was aroused as late as in December 2007 when it performed at two shows (25.10. in Brno, CZE and 27.10 in Nitra, SVK) of Perunica Fest II alongside russian bands like Arkona or Alkonost. Except new songs ŽREC also presented the fifth band member – violinist Marvin. But very soon he decided to be no longer the member because of not enough time for rehearsing. The fact is that violin brought varied arrangements to the older songs and gave the music new interesting extensions so it was necessary to find another violin player. For one year was found a guest, slovakian girl Petra, who participated on recording debut album Žertva in spring 2008 and performed at many concerts. In December 2008 she left the band and nowadays ŽREC has re-engaged work with Marvin - he is going to become a band member again for indefinite period. All the problems now seems to be solved so finally the composing of new songs can start in full speed.
Up to this day ŽREC made number of gigs in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Slovenia.
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