ZoroasterZOROASTER’s heady mix of mammoth metal and psychotropic shoegaze has seen the trio hailed as "one of the U.S.'s most promising metal bands" and it has receiving shining praise for its explosive power, intriguing mysticism and unique take on heavy music. Summoned by the mighty sludge of The Melvins, the mysticism of Celtic Frost and the nihilistic blues of Black Sabbath, ZOROASTER formed in 2003 out of “the need for sedation by high volumes and low frequencies". The band immediately began creating devastating, dirge-ridden doom that erupted into heavyweight grooves and transcendental musical atmospheres. ZOROASTER's early sound was compared to "having 10,000 ton granite slabs dropped on your head from a height of several miles".
In 2005, ZOROASTER released its first recorded music, which quickly drew the attention of Nachtmystium frontman Blake Judd’s uber-kvlt underground label Battle Kommand Records, who re-released the tracks as the band's eponymous debut EP. The 2007 LP Dog Magic took ZOROASTER’s deafening sound to powerful new highs and spectral, heavy lows with the addition of left-of-center instrumentation (including Moog synths, theremins, ominous vocal choirs and a brass section to boot) which allowed the record to “simultaneously crush, swing and spook,” seducing primal urges while inducing dark dreams of a David Lynch-ian world. In 2009, the band self-released the critically acclaimed Voice of Saturn which pushed its sound to skyscraping new heights. From the galloping post-Sabbath rock of the roll out track “Spirit Molecule” through to the tribal percussive vertebrae of the album’s “hidden” closer, Voice of Saturn administered in-the-red levels of both the band’s mysticism and barbarism in spades and also featured a guest appearance from friend -- and fellow Atlanta native Brent Hinds of Mastodon -- who contributed a searing guitar solo and backing vocals to the song “White Dwarf”. ZOROASTER headlined the U.S. in support of the album (with The Gates of Slumber and Serpentcult in tow) as its “North America is Doomed” tour converted hundreds of new followers each and every night.
Celebrated Atlanta, GA “psych metal” band ZOROASTER has completed work on its sophomore album. Entitled Matador, the record is set for a July 13, 2010 North American release date via E1 Music.
With Matador, ZOROASTER dares to defy genre-classification and proves that the band’s formidable reputation precedes it for a reason. Produced and engineered by Sanford Parker at Glow in the Dark Studios and The Living Room Recording in Atlanta, GA and mastered by Collin Jordan at The Boiler Room in Chicago, IL, Matador is a magnetic tour-de-force, blending vivid rhythms and radiance with the band’s classic use of dynamics and power. Creative, distinct, graceful and strong, Matador features the traits of a benchmark release. From the cosmic march of album opener “D.N.R.” through to the leviathan-like closing title track, it is immediately evident that ZOROASTER have joined friends – and fellow Atlanta natives – Mastodon and new label mates High on Fire as a unit determined to push modern heavy music into new and uncharted realms.
In celebration of Matador’s impending release ZOROASTER has announced a summer, 2010 U.S. tour. Presented by Brooklyn Vegan and Roxwel, the “SUMMER SOUTHERN BURN” tour will kick off on June 15 in Birmingham, AL and will include stops in NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Austin and more. Joining ZOROASTER on the road will be Savannah, GA metallers Black Tusk and fast-rising Florida-based “gloom metal” duo Dark Castle.
ZOROASTER (zohr-oh-as-ter) features guitarist / vocalist Will Fiore, bassist / vocalist Brent Anderson and drummer Dan Scanlan. The trio’s live show has been described as "an obliteration of the senses", earning it the distinction of “Atlanta’s loudest band". The trio has toured relentlessly and met to shining praise from both metal and indie rock press alike since its formation, receiving accolade for its psychedelic, deafening power and unique take on heavy music.
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