Your DemiseYOUR DEMISE are 5 kids from ST.Albans playing straight up hardcore that even metal kids can get down to. The style of music ranges from hardcore to metal to punk vibes in each song. Not bracketing themselves in a genric genre they intend to create an already heard of music with a new and original spin. The lyrical content is straight up from the bottom of your heart hatred. Whats the point in positive lyrics if theres fucking nothing positive to write about. YOUR DEMISE are here to do all they can with this...
The band formed september 2003 with the aim of playing shows, making music they fucking love and hoping to create something worth listening to...since, the band have played with the likes of:
Earth Crisis, Sick of it All, Shai Hulud, Dead Hearts, Wings of Plague, Shinking Ships, Ruiner, The Chariot, Hundred Reasons, Terror, Enter Shikari, Madball, Black My Heart, First Blood, Palehorse, Across Five Aprils, King of Clubz, Bring Me The Horizon, Bane, Outbreak, Walls Of Jericho, This Is Hell, Righteous Jams, Good Clean Fun, Sworn Enemy, Born From Pain, Hoods, Death Before Dishonor, Carpatian, The Setup, No Turning Back, To Kill, Gather, Another Breath, Verse, Stout, Blacklisted, Ruiner, Lion Of Judah, I Killed The Prom Queen, Donnybrook,This is Colour, CDC, Seventh Cross, Iron Age, Parkway Drive, Rise And Fall, Knuckledust, Final Prayer, On Broken Wings, Awoken and lots more.
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