XeperXeper is Born.
Xeper is a black metal project formed in 2007 from a collaboration between Ahrin (ex drummer in Abhor and mastermind in Devotion Omega), Guh.Lu (from Hell Terrorist/Divine Codex), The Tanist (vocals and guitar in Tanist). The line up is formed by: Ahrin Von Past - drums, Guh.Lu - guitar, The Tanist: vox, Alekht - bass.
We trust in the primordial Black Light/Flame, and we trust in our will. Our will is come back into being...
We have rec. our first manifesto, 6 tracks of pure magic black metal at Tanistry studio in Padova. "VOID AND CHAOS", our first rein-creaction is available. Just contact us to get a copy.
We're currently recording our new opus "MATRIX DIVINA SATANAS", a journey through the depths of black forces of universe.
Xeper (pronounced Khefer) is an Egyptian verb meaning "I Have Come Into Being". Xeper is the experience of an individual psyche becoming aware of its own existence and deciding to expand and evolve that existence through its own actions. Xeper has been experienced by anyone who has decided to seek after his or her own development. Xeper is the extension of existence to a further level of Being. Set, the Egyptian god of Darkness, is the Divine origin of the Word. Set's name ultimately means the "Separator" or "Isolator." The Left Hand Path is a quest to Become an immortal, potent, and powerful Essence.
Xepera Xeper Xeperu = I Have Come Into Being, and by the Process of my Coming Into Being, the Process of Coming Into Being is Established.
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