Wrath of the Nebula WRATH OF THE NEBULA is a PROGRESSIVE DEATH METAL band formed in 2018 by Hokuto No Dov and Vital Geff, having previously collaborated in several musical and artistic projects.
In 2019, joined by Kevin Paradis, phenomenal drummer, the music developed by the duo takes shape and the recording sessions of the pre-productions begin and reveals from that time on, the artistic direction chosen to set the themes of the songs.
The recurring themes of the group's compositions are linked to the presentation of legitimate questions of humanity on its deep origins and the plausible links between humanity and higher extraterrestrial entities, which could have been present on our planet, long before the development of our first civilizations.
In this sense, the arrival in the group of Déhà, to keyboards and orchestrations, will add an epic and classic color, to the brutal and progressive compositions of the group.
Thus the death metal power of the group regularly rubs shoulders with the search for melodies, which are dear to them, in order to favor the listener's immersion within a completely "stellar" concept album.
In any case, this is the ambition presented by WRATH OF THE NEBULA which in 2021, enters the VAMACARA STUDIOS to produce its 12-track album, under the leadership of the excellent HK KRAUSS, which will breathe power and clarity into the compositions of this first album soberly named: "The Ruthless Leviathan".
The artwork produced by Mythriad Art like the 3-dimensional videos designed by Mederick Havard, notably feature the mythical Annunaki and Ancient Gods, who according to certain historical accounts, would be the genitors by genetic manipulation of the creation of the human being sapiens.
"Whoever forgets the past cannot understand the future" is the maxim chosen by WRATH OF THE NEBULA to invite you to a Universe where Ancient and Mythical Advanced Civilizations could explain our deep origins as well as our destiny.
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