WisdomWisdom was formed in 2001 with no real plan or purpose. We threw together a few covers, and soon after our first songs were composed.
As we made up our name and kept on writing songs, our goals were also becoming clear. We created Wiseman whose story continues on our every album, and may raise interesting thoughts in those examining it. We aspire to this especially. Nomen est omen, one could say.
After some promotional records, Wisdom EP was released as the attachment of the most popular Hungarian metal magazine, Metal Hammer, in 2004, introducing us to the public at large. This was the first co-production in Hungary of this sort, and it resulted in Wisdom becoming known nation-wide.
Our tradition of holding the Keep Wiseman Alive gigs started in 2005. These concerts have always been greatly successful. We always emphasize decoration on these shows, and we hope to bring this kind of performance to whole tours of ours.
On November 6th of 2006 our first full length studio album, Words of Wisdom was released. Much of its studio work was done in the Finnvox Studios, in Finland. Following this a great interest came from Asia, and after some negotiation we signed a contract with the Japanese Soundholic Records to publish our albums in Asia.
The next studio album was a single; At The Gates was released in December 2007. We were faced with some problems which were resolved in 2010, so we could finish our second full length studio album, entitled Judas. The album was released in April 2011.
Wisdom has been lucky to open for a numerous foreign performers, all of which is a role model to us. These bands include: Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Heaven and Hell, Europe, Helloween, Stratovarius, Saxon, Doro, Udo...
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