Vulvathrone The abominable idea of creating such a horrid creature was the gruesome emanation of somber broodings spawned in the profound obscurities of Hermanno’s and Temnovid’s blackened hearts, deriving its diabolical strength and vividness from sadomasochistic and scatological imagery of torture, incest and rape rooted deeply in their souls by the feverishly pursued studies of pornography and gore. The diabolical scheme was put into existence when yet another imp, Matko, joined their perverse ranks and thus it came to pass that with a tumultuous roar of dissonant atonality the heinous bastard child aforementioned was born. Time and time went by, whores came and went, there was ecen some necroticism involved, but finaly the line-up of the perverted squad is now complete and firm. The new are of the Vulvathrone cum commando elite force entered studio and after many illegal pornhub downloads, they finnally recorded their newest release »Whoreification« in which they continue their »Way of sexuel Lust«.
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