VulcanoVULCANO is one of the leading bands of Black / Death Metal from Brazil . It is considered the first extreme metal band of the country and possibly the South American continent.
Founded in 1981, difficult time when Brazil was going through a strong political , social , economic and musical transition. Emerged in Europe the NWOBHM bands that revolutionize traditional metal creating a more aggressive sound that became known as Black Metal , Death Metal . And so began the history of this band that historically helped to root and spread heavy metal in Brazil and it is considered the first band of black / death throughout Latin America, his first record was between 82 and 83 with " single " " Om Pushne Namah " sung in Portuguese which is now a relic of the Brazilian underground metal.
The shows were popping up, but the difficulties were immense, the band had to produce their own shows even paste the posters on poles and fences. In 84 released the demo - tape “Devil On My Roof “.
The first lineup changes begin to emerge and the band still could not enter the closed setting of São Paulo as metal. Born in Santos , the VULCANO didn't get play São Paulo, a fact that led to record the album VULCANO LIVE ! in the year 1985. Recorded in August in the city of Americana, without any mix , was the first live album of metal released in Brazil and led to the public all aggressive heavy metal generated Zhema on bass, Soto Junior on guitar , Zé Flávio in rhythm guitar , Laudir Piloni on drums and Angel vocals . And it was with this lineup that appeared the first disc of Brazilian black metal “Bloody Vengeance" in 1986, shocking the minds of many. A gloomy, dark disc with cryptic, indirect and letters in day today sounds more current than ever. In the following year the band released the "Anthropophagy" ( 87 ) and "Who Are The True" ( 88 ) which was a cry of revolt to a situation that had been imposed by a media mercenary who did not live the things that happened in underground and wanted the band became more popular , scalded what was happening in the 90s . Against this state of things and the VULCANO throws in the 90 "Rat Race" and decide to take a break to put the ideas in order. In this period of reflection the VULCANO still played some shows, but without compromise. It was at this time that the label Cogumelo Records solves re-released cd discs of the band and so VULCANO resumes its path. In December 2001 are taken by surprise with the death of Soto Jr. (guitar) victim of high pressure, was a great loss for the years of friendship and experiences within the Brazilian underground scene. In 2003 VULCANO recording a new album entitled “Tales From The Black Book " , this album redeems all the fury of the 80’s accumulated by all these years of silence . Bringing back a legend called VULCANO.
In 2006 VULCANO released 2 new songs in a Split Vinyl with Nifelheim Sweden, with the songs and The Evil Always Return and Suffered Souls.
In 2009 a new album out: "Five Skulls and One Chalice". The band's first tour in Europe, the so-called Bloody Vengeance in Europe Tour 2010 went through 14 countries and did 18 shows which exceeded the expectations of the public and in 2011 the album "Drowning in Blood" is released and definitely consolidates as one of VULCANO most creative and successful bands musically. Another European tour in 2012, conquered more countries.
In April 2013 it released the album "The Man, The Key, The Beast" one of the three best albums of the year according to the specialized media and in the same month the band did the third European tour, alongside the NIFELHEIM and THE STONE. Consecrated tour was called "Thunder Metal Tour - Conquering Europe"
In this year of 2014 VULCANO will release 3 albums. The 11st full-length album of “Wholly Wicked” for 15 of July, a live album recorded in Stockholm in 09.05.2013 called “LIVE II - Stockholm Attack ” for 1st of September and an EP “The Awakening an Ancient and Wicked Soul - A Trilogy” for 1st of October.
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