Voice Of The SoulIf Chuck's death meant conception, then the murder of Dimebag meant birth of tribute to Death & Pantera in other words, tribute to Chuck & Dimebag band - Voice of the Soul (V.O.T.S.).
Soon after Dimebag's death, at the beginning of year 2005, two students from Prekmurje Tilen and Daniel started forming the band, looking for a drummer and bassist. They met drummer Gregor at »informal« study activities and he immediately joined the presented project. As a trio they started rehersing in september 2005 in basement facilities of student hostel no. 5 in Maribor. In november bassist David H. joined the band and guitarists tooks over the vocals which meant that the band was in full line-up. November 2005 is also known as the official birth of the band.
After six months of non-stop rehersing and drilling it was time for the first gig. They were booked to perform at Metal Attack 13 in april 2006, but three weeks before the gig the drummer had been seriously injured which meant that the first official appearance was canceled. But this break only enforced the band which lead to two successfully performed concerts in Kranj and Beltinci as headliners and another three gigs at festivals Metalblast, Metal Attack and Metal Mania Open Air in 2007. That was a sort of a peak and the end of the project.
However, the 10th anniversary of Chuck's death in 2011 resurrected the band again and with the new bassist David M. they are eager to pay tribute to him and Dimebag once again.
The band's plans are to perform at concerts and festivals in Slovenia and abroad and with that extra milage open a new path for the future in creating their own music.
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