Violent DevotiesGerald Valentin and Manuel Rainer began writing songs in summer 2000 under the name of VIOLENT DEVOTIES. One year later the band entered the local based TST Studio (Disastrous Murmur...) to record their first demo, entitled „Grind Bitch Perversions“. Following the release of the demo the band played a lot of shows and festivals in Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Germany, and Slovakia; as well as with established bands like SIX FEET UNDER, VADER, CRYPTOPSY, MACABRE, or DYING FETUS. Between 2001 and 2004 the band continued playing shows in Austria and abroad with bands like DEAD INFECTION, ABORTION, BEHEMOTH... as well as writing new songs for their first full length album, entitled „Entwined by Vengeance“ which got recorded in summer 2004 at Hell Sound Studio (Avenger...) in Czech Republic. Due the band suffered a lot of line up changes through the years the album was recorded by the founding members Gerald Valentin and Manuel Rainer. After the recording session Gerd K. (bass) and Phil K. (guitar) joined the band and the band started booking their first European tour which took part in September 2005. The band played countries like The Netherlands, England, and Germany. After the tour the band parted ways with Phil K. and Gerd K. took over the 2nd guitar, whilst new member Alex K. became the bands new bass player. In the mean time Vengeance Media re-released the bands first demo with bonus tracks under the banner of „The Grind Bitch Demology“. In summer 2007 new vocalist Georg A. joined the band due former vocalist Gerald Valentin stopped singing due medical reasons and to concentrate on his guitar work in the band. With that line up the band entered YC Recordings (Disharmonic Orchestra, Naked Lunch...) in spring 2008 to record their five track EP “Within the Great and the Venom”. The release date will be December 5th, 2008. There are also plans for another European tour in spring 2009. But at the moment the band is on their search for a label to release their upcoming full length album which will get recorded in 2009... be continued
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