VetoThe early beginnings of Veto go back to March 2005, when Danjel Cotic (guitar) and Jakob Motic (guitar) decided to embark upon a new project. They were joined by Jani Simcic (drums), Botjan Simcic (bass), Rok Buda (vocals) and Matej Cotic (vocals). Artistic differences lead drummer Jani Simcic to leave the group after only six months. He was replaced by current drummer Samo Mrak (also known from the band Entreat). When Igor Valentincic (Retrogarda), whos video-projections accompany Vetos live performances, joined the group, Veto took on its current configuration. The diverse musical backgrounds of the members of the group have resulted in a variety of influences that remain a part of the distinctive sound of Veto. Vetos sound can best be described as Metal-Rap-Core, as it combines elements of Rap with Metal influences and Hardcore. We believe that everyone should have the right to freely express their views. This, together with our commonly shared views on the world, is expressed in the social criticism that runs through our Slovenian lyrics. It is this idea that inspired the name of the band: Veto the right to objection. Recently, we played a number of very successful concerts: Veto headlined a charity concert at Mostovna in Nova Gorica, played at the Castle Night in Vipolze and headlined a concert in Vrtojba. In the mean time, we have also put together a CD that brings together seven demo tapes, which we would like to present to as wide an audience as possible. As experience is the only way to improve our sound and develop our music, we welcome every opportunity to perform in front of a live audience. Rok, Danjel, Matej, Jakob, Bostjan, Igor, Samo , 2005.
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