UsudUsud is a three piece death metal band from Zagreb, Croatia. The band started up in 1999 and had quite a few line-up changes until 2002. The final line up is: Jurica (bass, vocals), Denis (guitar, vocals) and Branimir (drums,cables). Since the beginning until this very day band went through different styles of music and finally ended up playing death metal.After their demo tapes drew some attention, their first album was released in 2004. It was recorded in DIY production and released through our good friends at Brand New Place Records and Mesmerized Records. The album gathered good critics which led to playing a lot of shows at home and abroad. Following the recordings of 2 new songs Usud showed a new musical direction. Those recordings were used for the Udargroma (booking agency) sampler. Now, a year later, their second album is soon to be released. You will hear even more progress, which is quite big both technically and musically. This album will feature 9 new songs and will be released through Mesmerized and Brand New Place records sometime soon, distribution will be handled by Walk records and Rock Express records. So keep an eye on and look for more news!
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