UrošTHe lived beyond two mountains, three hills and one and a half valleys. Or was it four? (well, it surely depends on the viewpoint), over the groundwater and under the mountain where there are fields of great green stuff and a post office, where it is peaceful and ugly to die for. Well, that's where the courageous and just enough intelligent goat Uroš lived. The kids fought and spat while the she-goats tirelessly bleated and sometimes even threw up. But Uroš still wasn't happy. He was still unbelievably bored and longed for something more, something different, something exciting, something louder. And so one day his master D Omen noticed Uroš thinking and asked him: "Well, Uroš, what's the matter? Why are you so down today? Why are you staring at the sky so sadly?" And Uroš replied: "Meke-ke-keke, sniff, ...keke-fekeke-Meke, Mekeke-fuckeryfe-kickety-teke-te-Mekete, sniff, meeeee-ke-tete-taku...kecookinge, meketeteteteteteeteeeee..." And his master stroked his beard, thought a while and... DIIIIIIING-DONG, Uroš knocked him out with one single gentle swing of his horns, because that's just the way Uroš expresses happiness when he remembers some unbelievably brilliantly amazingly great idea. And this ideaea, this idea was... (the following lines should be read at a great pace) ... that a band should play for him for bedtime. For him and all of his fellow villagers weekly in the neighbour's house on the top floor. A band of an angry sort who don't care for opportunistic, imperialistic and impersonal capitalist bastards. All they care about are drums, screams and guitars. And their name should be... (now you may proceed at a normal reading pace) as his name is... URRROOOOOŠ!!!
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