UrnThe idea of forming a band started in late 1993 and I started to search right members for the band. I met Pimeä quite soon as we already knew each other through the friends. So drunken discussions at weekends, band started and it took half a year to find two more members and a rehearsing place. In autumn 1994 Urn had complete line up, started rehearsing material and ideas what everyone had in their minds. Late 1994 Urn did a rehearsal tape with four songs (don�t ask it for me as even I do not have it...). The musick was mainly slow compared to the newer stuff and more influenced by the bands like Unholy (Fin) and Samael which possessed our souls at that time! Still at the same year Demonos from Barathrum asked me and pimeä to join in his band. Because of lot of rehearsing, live gigs and dedication for the band Urn get laid on ice, but during that time some tracks were done, yet there were very few rehearsings, but we didn�t make any demos or rehearsal tapes. In year 1997 me and Pimeä left Barathrum and started to concentrate on Urn again to express our musical needs. We had the desire to do something by our own. Also Infernus from Barathrum joined Úrn to make the line up complete. We did some rehearsal tapes and picked up four of the songs and entered studio Perkele to record first official record of Urn. The promo got good response from the underground and couple of deals were offered from underground labels and we decided to sign with Dutch 'Damnation Records'. At that time we found a second guitarist, Blackvenom, for Urn. To show him how excited we were finding him (and how much more power to live shows we got!), we decided to put his picture on 'I am Your Nightmare' 10� LP cover as a strong friendship and for his dedication for the band. However, he didn�t play on that record, but fukk that!�at least we got couple of questions why we did that way. But I think it's better that way than to play in an album while nowhere is a mention you're playing in it �right!?! Some live shows were done and even we can't remember them all. After summer 1998 I moved to another town to start studies and we were in a middle of problems with rehearsings and somehow lacked the interest in playing. That lead us in a good frienship to split up the line up and the rest of the members continued with their own band which they had formed earlier. Namely, Flame.
At that time I got lots of troubles to find new members and was chocked with all fukking posers around. It was really astonishing to see such a lot trendy metal faggots as I used to live in the past in a town which had really strong roots in metal and all the people there were more involved to the spirit of metal in a way it was in the past... Yeah, yeah, good old 80�s!! Well... cannot blame all of them as some of them I knew already and have met them at the gigs. Anyway, two members for Urn were found, but still had no place to rehearse. Some people I knew loaned their rehearsing space for us to rehearse new material and to prepare for the coming gigs. We did one gig with this line up, then continued Urn as a two member band and started to rehearse at the drummer's home... This fukking closet room is still in my nightmares and I probably never get rid off it. I need a shrink! Really! However, we rehearsed with that drummer for the debut full length and entered the infamous studio Perkele to record it in year 2000. It was recorded in 36 hours with a curse upon us. After recording the album Blackvenom and Crusher helped Urn with live gigs. During the time between the debut full length and the next release there were a lot of problems with motivation and we kept quite a low profile, yet gathered some songs for the split with Decayed in year 2003. Some old material from 1997 is recorded here. Storm of Satanik Vengeance. We weren't satisfied with the sound of the debut album at all and wanted to do kind of �fukk off� to it by making the sound even more horrible. This recording was made at drummer's home by an eight tracker to create as underground and as unprofessional sound as possible. The year 2004 was ending and it seemed the curse was removed (at least a bit) when Blackvenom moved to the same town and we had a proper band and line up since years. In early 2005 both of us. me and Blackvenom, were full off the drummer's attitude. We started to look for a new one. And this time it seemed the curse was fading away more and more and we found Hellwind to play the drums. He even had a real rehearsing place and there wasn�t any fukking reason why not to replace the old drummer to him. We rehearsed two weeks and entered Nihil I.N.R.I. studio to record new promo 2005, meanwhile trying to find a new label for the band as Damnation Records quit right after releasing a limited edition of 500 copies of '666 Megatons' CD and at the same time Iron Pegasus didn�t seem to be interested in releasing Urn anymore. Mikko from Northern Sound Reords / No Sign of Life was very keen into releasing Urn and he agreed to do a LP version of '666 Megatons'. NSOL was priority number one for us, we didn�t want to sign with a label who �promised� to release it after new album. Finally in year 2005 the re-release of '666 Megatons' CD and LP saw the light of the day. First time for years Urn's line up seemed to be stronger than ever and the feeling in the band was totally something great! Everyone was ready to do their best for the band. In early 2006 Urn entered, once again, to the studio Perkele to record the second full length 'Dawn of the Devastation'. We forced mr. S(atanik) Jämsen to do much better job for us than he did at first album. Well, he did... but still Jämsen is Jämsen, haha! In late 2006 a CD version of 'Dawn of the Devastation' was released by No Sign of Life. Some gigs were played to promote the album... Unfortunately this record didn�t get very good promotion by the label and we decided to take a look for another one... So here we are! We are ready to strike with full force!
Hail to the all supporters around the world, brothers and sisters of metal Hell we have been in contact, played within the past years... Cheers!
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