Unholy Inquisition was formed in September 2001. as a side project of Insanus (ex-drummer of Gorthaur's Wrath, founder and guitarist of Castrum). The first line-up consisted of: Insanus on drums, Morbid (vocalist of GW) on bass, Fog on vocals, Azaghal on guitar and Prophet on second guitar. After a few rehearsals Wanderer joins the band on keyboards. With this line-up UI played three gigs. After that the band splits up. Prior to the split up Insanus, with vocal help of Fog and Prophet recorded the first demo entitled "Devil's Disciples".
In June 2002 UI is reunited but, with some line-up changes: Insanus on drums, Azaghal on rhythm guitar, Prophet takes the vocal duties and the new member, Necroth on lead guitar. With the new line-up UI takes a more serious approach to the music and, after three months four new songs were made. The new songs can be found on the band's second demo entitled "On the darkened side". After the recording of the demo Leivathan (guitarist of GW) joins the band on bass. With that line-up UI played six gigs in Croatia and Slovenia. After Leviathan's departure in September 2003, for a short period time UI was in search for a bass player. Bassist Amphirion joins the band prior to the band's appearance on the 6th "Od oluja mrzitelja" festival in December 2003.
UI starts composing new songs. Shortly after vocalist Prophet decides to leave the band for personal reasons. Morsus Sordahl (ex-vocalist of Castrum) joins the band as the new vocalist. After four gigs with this line-up the band parted ways with Morsus Sordahl because of insurmountable style differences. Necroth and Azaghal decide to take the vocal duties.
UI has finished the recording of the new demo material entitled "Depraved god's creation" and have promoted it on "Metal camp" festival.
Necroth - Lead and solo guitars, Vocals
Azaghal - Lead and Rhythm guitar, Vocals
Amphirion - Bass
Insanus - Drums
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