TrollTROLL was formed in 1992 by Nagash and several other like-minded extreme metal musicians. However TROLL soon became Nagash’s solo project and would remain so until 2007.
The debut EP “Trollstorm over Nidingjuv” was released in 1995 by the Norwegian underground metal label Head not Found. The songs remained true to the Norwegian Black Metal sound for which the region had been known. Nagash played all the instruments on the EP.
1996 saw the release of the debut album “Drep de Kristne” (“Kill the Christians”). This particular release led to controversy and conflict between Nagash and the Norwegian government; the latter blaming the musician for blasphemy and inciting violence against the religious institutions and its followers.
Following the release of “Drep de Kristne”, Nagash dedicated more time to Dimmu Borgir and The Kovenant. TROLL would remain inactive until 2000, when a former founding member returned for the next two albums as vocalist and lyricist, bringing with him session members from Mayhem, The Kovenant and Street Legal / Da Vinci on board.
The project released “The Last Predators” in 2000 and “Universal” in 2001, although both albums were recorded on the very same day. These albums were more experimental and bizarre than the original and later works of TROLL.
Significant changes took place between 2001 and the summer of 2007. TROLL would lay dormant for these years, until Vold managed to convinced Nagash and Ygg, a long-time friend, to revive TROLL as a full-fledge band.
Back on the battlefield, TROLL soon decided wise to revisit the spirit of the first releases, and thus return to the more atmospheric Black Metal style of the early years; a style founded on a philosophy infused with the darker sides of Norse mythology, satanic influences, and anti-Christian lyrics.
In 2009, TROLL signed a worldwide recording deal with Napalm Records and with the new album “Neo-Satanic Supremacy” coming out in early 2010, the band is ready to once again take on the world.
Following a long sabbatical, the cult band TROLL emerges from the blackened Norwegian mist. The legendary formation revolving around frontman Nagash (ex Dimmu Borgir, The Kovenant) returns to pay homage to the true black metal genre. Raging infernal blastbeats, chilling guitar riffs, cold menacing keyboard melodies, and demonic vocals shape TROLL's sound to create a pitch-black atmosphere that can only come straight from the depths of hell. "Neo-Satanic Supremacy" comprises 10 hymns to the Horned One and delivers an early highlight for the new dark year ahead.
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