Trifail We can call ourselves a united nation band because of all the changes that happened since 2003.First there were only three of members: Urbi - drums, Bozo - bass,vocals and Hribsk - guitar.Like i said many changes happened,Anzi joined the band on second guitar.He played a few gigs then he left the band.One guy - Kilr,joined the band on guitar for couple of months.Pennywise have their Bro Hym,but we have our Stop bitch,if you know what i mean,if dont,check our video from Dom Svobode 2007;).Bozo didn't want to sing anymore, he decided to play only bass guitar.There was a problem because there was no singer and no other guitar.Many good guitar player were around, we just have to find him or her. We found a guy from Jesenovo HC, Kudr.I have to mentioned that Bogo (greatest Misfits fan from Trbovlje) did some practice on vocal but he decided not to continue.Kusuka was also interested to sing, but just for a while.Bozo also left the band this year.After losing our "Limberk" we have to move to another location, called AMD.This year (2008) Liho joined on vocal and Kajzi on bass guitar.We are looking forward to rock on,to make our own music and to recored some songs as soon as possible. We would also like to give big respect and thx to our local bands from Trbovlje and all around Zasavje!Support your local scene no matter what!And thx to all of you,who support us in different ways!
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