Trash CandyThat one perfect moment, that primal joy you felt, when you got yourself an album of your favourite band, pressed play and felt invincible? Well this is what TRASH CANDY is trying to get you to feel.
“We want to wake up that little rebel inside you, that is still unsure of how it would fit in the outside world”, says Shana, frontwoman of a 5-piece european pop-punk act. Hailing from Maribor, Slovenia, a small town in the heart of Europe, TRASH CANDY wants to become a voice of a certain generation. “Every generation must and deserve to be heard” says the band, “We can learn from each other’s mistakes and that’s a good thing”.
Their music represents the ups and downs of those generations in a positive way, even-though it can be pretty critical sometimes. The band grew up listening to the skate-punk of the 90s, even-though they considered themselves a punk influenced rock band, rather than a punk-rock act.
So if you’re up for catchy choruses, strong lyrics and powerful live performances, TRASH CANDY might just be your new favourite band.
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