The Southern OracleOne,Two..THE SOUTHERN ORACLE is coming for you! Formerly known as Slaughter At The Engagement Party, the members of the band were committed to take their relentless heavy music into new dimensions, while being fundamentally the same band, playing the same heavy music, these extremely talented guys felt a new moniker to their exciting endeavors was due. That is how THE SOUTHERN ORACLE was (re)born.
Three, Four...Better lock your door! Currently in the progress of releasing their debut album, titled HELLWAKENING, THE SOUTHERN ORACLE have no plans to stop in 2011. After owning the Hungarian underground metal scene in 2010, the band is eager to keep destroying. The guys introduced themselves within and over the borders of Hungary supporting acts such as Walls Of Jericho, Carnifex, Suffokate, Veil Of Maya, Trigger The Bloodshed, Cataract, The Black Dahlia Murder as well as opening a sold out show in Vienna, Austria for none others, but the heavyweight metal/hardcore kings Hatebreed.
Five, Six...Grab your crucifix! HELLWAKENING brings more intensity, more maturity and more heaviness. The debut is highly anticipated among the Hungarian underground scenes and features Mike Schleibaum of Darkest Hour laying off a solo for the track „Bring the Children Home” as well as guest vocals of previous Newborn & Bridge To Solace singer Zoltan Jakab in the epic title track. HELLWAKENING is an intense journey through heaven and hell. A Kruegerian nightmare of love, hate, life and death. A reckless picture painted by young & talented artists who woke up in the horrors of our everydays, grabbed their instruments and played to realize the nightmares of this world will never end.
Seven, Eight...Gonna stay up late! THE SOUTHERN ORACLE toured Hungary relentlessly in the spring of 2011, opening for rock/metal extraordinaires Subscribe, winning an audience totally different from their usual death/hardcore crowd. More destruction and plans for world domination are currently in the making. Fall, 2011 – Hell will wake!
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