The ScourgeIt has all started in late August 2005, when guitarists Matjaž 'Mazi' Parfant and Primož 'Primek' Brezovnik, bassist Gregor 'Pepi' Semprimožnik, and drummer Blaž Prusnik formed a band named Necromancer. Still without a vocalist, they started to play instrumental versions of Metallica covers. Later that year, the band met with Denis 'Sidek', who stepped behind the microphone. They began rehearsing intensively, but in the beginning of 2006, Pepi lost his interest in playing, so he quit. The band asked their friend Darko Atelšek Jr. to join them as a new bass player, but he was, more or less, just a temporary replacement. After some unsuccesful search for a new bassist, they finally met Vasja 'Skič' Fužir. Soon after he joined them, the band was renamed to The Scourge and in the summer, they began to perform at local events, playing Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, some classic rock covers, and also their own two songs they wrote so far. Later that year, Sidek was fired from the band due to lack of his vocal progression, so from then on Mazi took over lead vocal duties. In 2007, after couple of live performances, which still contained mostly covers, the band finally focused more on their own material which was becoming heavier and heavier. Unfortunately Skič was not so much into that heaviness, because he wanted to play more commercial type of music, so he left the band in the early 2008. Although without him, they were working on some new stuff until they asked Jernej 'Jero' Štorgelj, a bassist and a vocalist from the band Breathe Out, to join them. He was the only one good enough to hop in with his playing and vocal skills. The band is now complete and ready for a new chapter.
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