The Last ResortThe Last Resort, a name synonymous with the Oi! Movement, both as a shop catering for those of the skinhead persuasion in the '80's and also as one of the iconic bands of that era whose reputation far outweighed their recorded output This has resulted in the band being given legendary status despite only being together originally for little over a year between 1980 and 1982. Their first gig at Acklam Hall in West London on March 4th, 1981 was supporting the Originals, who featured soon-to-be Last Resort bassist Arthur Kay. Following this gig, the band put out the first ever cassette-only release on the Cringe Music label, which was sold over the counter of the aforementioned shop and whose tracks featured heavily in Garry Bushell's Punk and Oi! Charts through Sounds, the music paper of its day. The band got together originally in 1980 after Roi had seen a band called The Rivals rehearsing, following this; he met up with a guitarist called Charlie Duggan. Graham Saxby was then recruited on vocals, and at a Rivals gig they found a drummer called Andy Benfield. As stated, the name Last Resort came from a shop owned by Micky French who happily agreed to let the band share the name. Following on from the first gig and cassette release, Saxby left the band in early 1981, with Roi taking over on vocals and Arthur Kay being recruited to take over bass duties. This line-up played on the "Strength Thru Oi!" and "Carry On Oi!" album tracks and recorded the bands first album, "Way Of Life - Skinhead Anthems", which was originally released on their own Last Resort records in 1982. The band then split-up as a result of getting blamed for violence at or near their gigs, which was nothing to do with the band but was blown-up out of all proportion by the anti-Oi! media feeling at the time. The band along with The Business and the 4-Skins (who Roi later joined as vocalist) were playing at the Hamsborough Tavern in Southall when it was attacked and burnt to the ground by miss-guided locals. Following this split, there was a reformation of sorts in 1988 when Arthur and Andy, contacted Roi to reform the band, bringing in Mark Edwards from The Rivals on lead guitar. However when Arthur and Andy dropped out, Roi recruited Dean Wilkinson on drums and Mick Melville on bass to complete the band, which was called The Resort. This line-up released the "1989" album, before splitting-up at Christmas 1990. The current line-up of the band featuring Jonesy on drums and former Anti-Nowhere League personnel, JJ Kaos on bass and Beef on guitar alongside Roi of course, got together in Millennium year, 2000 and immediately recorded an eight track demo, featuring both old and new songs including "Working Class Kids" and "Held Hostage". This line-up was originally going to be called Millwall Roi and they released the first fruits of the line-up via the track "We're Gonna Get You" on the "Addicted To Oi!" compilation through "Captain Oi! Records". They also contributed "Wonderful World" and "Chaos" to the 4-Skins release, "Secret Life of the 4-Skins", again through Captain Oi!, and covers of "Gotta Go" and "She's A Skinhead Girl Warrior", to the "Worldwide Tribute To The Real Oi! - Vol 2" compilation on Triple Crown Records. It wasn't until later however, that the band finally began to use the Last Resort moniker when they played at the "Punk and Disorderly Festival" in 2002. Since that gig, the band have also played in France, Belguim, Sweden, Spain and England. Playing their first home country gig in 21 Years at the Hounslow Rifleman in 2003. Other notable appearances since that time, have seen the band play at the "Beer Olympics" in Atlanta USA as a three piece, (due to visa problems Roi did not appear at this show!!!), the "Full Force Festival" in Germany, "Wasted" in England on a number of occasions, "The Fury Fest" in France and "Punk and Disorderly" several more times. The band announced their intention to the Punk World by releasing their aptly titled comeback album "Resurrection" through "Captain Oi! Records" in February 2005, which was far more powerful and hard-hitting than their earlier releases, featuring old Resort songs re-worked, prime covers and some great new material, including a video for "Bolt Hole" to play on your computer!!! These recordings were later licensed to U.S. label SOS where it was re-packaged and re-named “Resurrected” for release in the U.S. and Canada. In March 2006, Last Resort had prepared to embark upon their first US tour. Beginning at the British Invasion Festival in California and ending at a special appearance in Atlanta. Unfortunately, due to visa problems the tour had to be postponed and as yet still has not happened. However the band have continued to play shows across Europe, taking in Finland, Norway, Italy, Serbia Greece, Holland and of course countless shows in Germany, which has become a bit of a home from home. Over the last year the band have written and recorded a new album which features 14 brand new tracks and they’re currently in the process of signing to U.S. label I Scream Records. They now look forward (visas permitted) to touring in the U.S. and Canada at last and also aim to be branching out in to the Far East and Australia etc. If everything goes according to plan there could be a live album released in the near future and the band have already set to work on their next studio album. It’s all go for The Last Resort...Oi! Oi!
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