The Last FelonyA new generation of Montreal-style death metal will soon dominate the extreme music scene and THE LAST FELONY will be at its command. Combining the speed and catchiness of new school death, the grooves and brutality of old school death, the dark atmosphere of black metal and a dose of deathcore to complete their signature sound, THE LAST FELONY has created an uncompromising sound which will crush any doubts about them creating a new wave of Quebec-grown insanity. Just listen to “Too Many Humans”!
Following the path of Canadian metal heroes Kataklysm, Despised Icon, Gorguts, Ion Dissonance and Beneath The Massacre THE LAST FELONY are enhancing the technical side of extreme death metal since their formation in 2005. The quintet’s craft of morbid melodies, intricate guitar work and extreme drumming can’t be unheard. Their LIFEFORCE RECORDS debut “Too Many Humans” continues on the specialized skills THE LAST FELONYs first album “Aeon Of Suffering” (2008/ Galy Records) became known for. The band has increased their intensity level and has created a set of songs often bordering on psychotic and schizophrenic. Produced by Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy, Neuraxis) “Too Many Humans” is consisting of constant temp changes and technicality from fast going blast beats to slowdowns and everything in between. THE LAST FELONYs first album for LIFEFORCE RECORDS “Too Many Humans” will be the soundtrack to our world’s demise.
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