The Language Of Thought HypothesisThe Language Of Thought Hypothesis are a Slovenian metal core band from Ljubljana, formed in 2006. They draw their influences from different music styles, such as hardcore and extreme metal. Although the early style of the band can be classified as metal, it gradually evolved to metal “party” core with its emphasis on breakdowns and slower, intense passages conducive to moshing. The LOTH's debut album This Endless State of Mind was recorded in december 2009. It was recorded in Bakery Studio, Budapest with Zoltan Varga and Peter Bodnar producers of Bridge to Solace, The Idoru, Subscribe. The lyrics on the debut album were inspired by ideas about fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind and major works of great thinkers philosophers such as Proust and Nietzsche, writers and authors Franz Kafka, Edgar Allan Poe and painters Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso. Over a period of the last three years the LOTH has played more than 150 shows staying true to their DIY ethic to secure freedom in performance. The band toured, playing in countries such as Germany, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Croatia, France, Hungary, Switzerland and Slovenia and played as a supporting act for bands like Misery Index, Rise And Fall, Morda, Here Comes The Kraken, All For Nothing, To Kill, Bridge to Solace.
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