The Indecision AlarmThe Indecision Alarm is a band based in a shitty little industrial town called Katrineholm, S..rmland, Sweden. We formed the band early spring 2006 out of past/present glories (or failures?) from bands like Union Square, Adhesive, Straitjacket Generation and Anguish. The Indecision Alarm is all about energetic and sincere, melodic punk/hardcore with political/personal lyrics.
The Indecision Alarm, 3/4 Adhesive, is anything but an "ex-so-and-so" band! This band really gets how to write great material, and they are dangling elements of all kinds of writing styles over their hardcore undercoat...
The result is another air-tight and well-written hardcore record. All the musical elements still sit under a blanket of DELIVERED, socially conscious vocal harmonies. T.I.A. really mean what they say and you can HEAR it. And new guitar quirks and textures nail, but tint that Adhesive sound into something new...The Indecision Alarm! But all in all, despite all the nice music, it's also about the sheer sincerity of T.I.A. that is moving them forward on this track they always seem to progress on. They're just a really f^&cking great punk band. I don't know how to get it across any better.
Fans of I-Spy, Propagandhi, Husker Du, Minor Threat and Face to Face (probably up to the black album) will probably dig this sound a lot. Oh and Adhesive. Duh.
You have to love honest/good people playing great sounding, sincere and honest punk rock. Very very cool indeed!
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