The Canyon Observer Formed in 2011 and hailing from Slovenia, The Canyon Observer are a five-piece soundtracking your worst nightmares, the magnificent apocalypse upon us, or your traditional Sunday family lunch. It’s all the same. Their experimental sound intertwines delicate and atmospheric passages with a ferocious, in-your-face combo of black metal, noise, post-metal, doom and sludge, and when coupled with impenetrable fog and disorienting strobe lights at a live show, you’re in for a heavy and menacing journey. A visceral journey, no furry kitten can mitigate. After releasing the Chapter 1 (2011) and 2 (2012) EPs, they unleashed their critically acclaimed debut FVCK in 2015, which saw them play on stages all around Europe and even Cuba and share stages with Russian Circles, Rosetta, Gdd Is An Astronaut, Ahab, and many others. Ever-exploring, The Canyon Observer now have something new in store – their sophomore album NØLL sees the quintet delving further into musical experimentation and spiralling downward into the void of human souls and their surroundings. Please, feel free to enter: “It’s there. It’s nothing.”
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