The ArchitectSpawned from the ashes of Groningen's own home-town heroes Revolt, The Architect is an uncompromising metal 5-piece. Guitarist Rick Venema and drummer Daniel de Jong started the band in April of 2005 together with former bassplayer Wouter Bakker after the demise of Revolt in December 2004. They recruited another Wouter (Kroon) on guitar and the long search for a singer began...
The Architect found it's first frontman and line-up with singer Rene Smit (Instil) but the union wasn't meant to be - Instil being a full-time commitment and Rene's internet company a time-consuming ordeal. After a brief stint of shows, ways were parted on great terms at end of the summer 2005. Another search began in which a simple little note in one of Groningen's many independent record stores eventually sealed the deal. Geert van der Velde, former frontman of hardcore heavy-worm Shai Hulud, got in touch and a practice was scheduled. After a slow start and some initial doubt The Architect played it's first show with Geert just over 2 months after their first practice together and hasn't looked back since.
The Architect are currently getting ready to head over to the UK in July for 4 shows before retiring to their rehearsal space to write and prepare for their first EP to be recorded from mid to the end of August. In between they will appear on Denmark's first and foremost harcore festival Fredericia Fest.
September will bring a 3 week European (see the shows section) which should be the start of what is to become a staple in the band's diet of becoming a touring monster and recording machine. Or perhaps a touring machine and recording monster?
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