Tenacious ZhgantsiNo one, even those who have the facts concerning the recent horrors, can say just what Tenacious Zhgantsi is. Though old legends, older than the Time itself, speak of unhallowed rites in the town of Brežice, Slovenia, amidst which ghouls called forbidden shapes of shadow out of the great Unholy Church and made blasphemous incantations. In the year 1999 someone, who witnessed the arrival of the Great Horror and Blasphemy, warned about the close presence of Satan and his two imps, and you should dread the words this person revealed:
It must be allowed that these Blasphemies of an Infernal Strain of Daemons and Matters of too common knowledge to denied: the cursed music of Azazel, Beelzebub and Belial being heard now heard from a lonely stone temple near the Unholy Church. I myself did not more than a month ago catch a very plain Discourse of evil Powers in that dreaded town of Brežice. There were blasts, growls, low tunes made by only three strings such as no Things of this Earth could raise up, and which must needs have come from Abyss that only black Magic can discover and only the Satan unlock.
It wasn’t written that the darkness spread across the country in the year of 2001 through some cities and destroying and turning everything in its path into desolate deserts. Witnesses speak of three demons, but after a short attempt of Goodness to conquer the foul, only two remained. And their remembrance was spawned in 2002 and released by them two onto almost every corner of God’s planet. 13 chants of cursed and most dreaded incantations this Earth has ever witnessed took over those who were weak. And they were destroyed, leaving the foul spirits in victorious splendor. But soon it all became silent. Why, nobody knows. But now after a year of silence, the chants of Blasphemy are heard again. Even more evil than before, brutality has no boundaries.
As Lovecraft once wrote the truth of the Sinister spheres which spawned Tenacious Zhgantsi: “They walk unseen and foul in lonely places where the Words have been spoken and the rites howled through at their Seasons. As Tenacious Zhgantsi shall you know them. Their hands is at their throat, yet you see them not. Tenacious Zhgantsi is the place whereby the spheres meet. Man rules where Tenacious Zhgantsi ruled once. They shall soon rule where Man rules now. After winter is summer, after summer is winter. They create blasphemous incantations patient and potent, for here shall Tenacious Zhgantsi reign again.
Their names are revealed, yet too terrible to be spoken out loud. Don’t be surprised if the cold winds shall shiver like a razor through your soul, when you speak the forbidden names of Prof. Abronzious and Teghlozor. In the Centre of Chaos lies the Throne and upon it Tenacious Zhgantsi reign Supreme.
After almost a year of complete silence I call upon you mortals and it is my pleasure to announce that Tenacious Zhgantsi is still alive and their Unholy Church once again operational. There are many reasons why didn’t you see them in your town and many more why they stopped to spread His word. Vatican formed a group of mercenaries to find and destroy us but they failed although we almost got caught. There was a “brother” among us who we trusted but he disappointed our Father and us and showed himself as Christian so he left us without being punished for his crimes against our Lord Satan. Your suffering will be legendary – even in hell!!! We have also found a new location for building our new nest to perform unholy rituals and carnages so you are all welcomed to join us. Damien Thorn was destroyed as well as all 5 nuns of order of Demonia which make us the only one but we’re stronger then ever and armed with His word will march and lay pestilence upon Holy land so we can celebrate the arrival of our Lord Satan once again. Join us or rot in so called Heaven with you God and his gay priests!!!
The year is 1 and behold the upcoming storm of Tenacious Zhgantsi!!!
… the time is running short so choose your God quickly…