Syn Ze Sase TriCorb (“Raven”) is a Romanian Black Metal musician and founder of the project "Syn Ze Sase Tri" (translates: "I'm With Tripple Six" in Ancient Romanian). This project was created with the intention to promote Romanian Black Metal music around the world with his mystical dark messages coming from the ancient and bloody history of the Romanian lands. Currently the band is working at their first album, which will be released in December 2008 under contract with Bleak Art Records (Canada). You may hear a preview of what will be released, and more will come. We hope you'll enjoy our music and join us in our evil way. Hails from Transylvania!!! The band’s name translated, means "I’m with triple six". It is in the ancient Romanian language, of their ancestors , the Dacs, the name been a part of one prayer to a Dac pagan goddess. Here is the prayer: AYRELIA BENERIA SYN FORO SYN DIO SYN ZE SASE TRI KAI TETHI GATRI AYRIS NONAM NIASCHARIAN... Translation: Bright mighty shiny goddess I am faithful, I am with triple six, but I beg you to help me be reborn someday... Corb – in translation Raven. In the Romanian mythology as well in other cultures, is the messenger between the world of the living and the world of the dead, between Gods and humans, the bringer of knowledge, the mistrey. Hultan - The myth of the Hultan (or the "Zgrimintes") is one of the original and special creations of the dacian mythology. The origins of the hultan's image can be traced back to the ascetic practices of the ancient dacians, to the priest castes, the early initiates. Only the seventh son of the seventh son may become a hultan. Some of this special children are stolen by the old hultans when they are still young, and taken to the school in "Crugul Pamantului", where they are trained. "Crugul Pamantului" can be translated as "the middle of the Earth". The Hultans are meant to know the secrets of the weather. After completing their magic training, the hultans become the protectors of the mountain roads, masters of the air and the weather. They live a lonely life, isolated somewhere in the "guts of the mountains. Since Christianism was adopted as the official religion, the myth of the hultans was altered. The Christians called them "solomonars", a name coming from the king Solomon (renowned for his wisdom). Strigoi – meaning the undead, a zombie, a restless spirit, cursed for eternal life between the world of the living and the world of the dead, a creature half dead half alive. Spin – meaning thorn, spike, nail, as the divine punishment for sin. Dracon - is the name of the Dacian's war flag, representing a mistic creature, made of a wolf head and a viper or dragon body. From Romanian mythology is said that when the wind was blowing through the mouth of the Dracon, it was creating a horriffic sound, like an howling, that scarred the enemyes of the Dacians.
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