SynarchyWhat was to become Synarchy was formed in 2004 by John E. Láadal on guitar, Ísak Petersen on bass and Martin Rói Villhelmsen on drums. The band grew into a sixtet with Andre Lenvig on 2nd guitar, Leon B. Hanson on vocals and Bjartur F. Clementsen on keyboards. After a short time, John Ivar Venned replaced Andre. The band played a couple of shows before recording their first demo. Martin Rói then left the band, and Kim Joensen was asked to join. Synarchy then underwent a process of change which took some time. After writing new and improved music they finally recorded a demo in Winter 2006/07. After a while John E. Láadal quit, and Pól Jespersen was asked to join as guitarist and back-up vocalist and made the band a full six-piece again. In 2009, Synarchy went into the studio to record, and on April 15th 2010 they released their debut album 'Scars Of Gratitude'.
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