Sworn AmongstSworn Amongst are a metal quartet from the UK. After five years of solid graft, their brutal combination of grooving melodic thrash metal has seen them gain a place in the roster of successful up & coming British record label Rising Records. Kerrang! are keen followers, and the band made masses of fans in the Snickers/Kerrang! Unsigned competition of 2005 to win a slot at Download Festival at Donington Park. The band were selected from nearly 3000 other acts. They went down a storm, and were selected for the final three by a public vote, finishing second overall, in turn ensuring many thousands of hits on their website. Last year, following on from the success of their self-produced, self-released debut album "Derision Of Conformity", the band appeared at Bloodstock Festival alongside acts such as Primal Fear, Death Stars and My Dying Bride, attracting a sizeable crowd during their main-stage performance. The band released a new self-titled EP in January 2007, which showcased the band's new twin guitar line-up. More of this will be seen later this year, as the band hits the studio to record their debut UK-wide release, slated to hit the shelves in early 2008.
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