Svart CrownIt's been 6 years that French metal reached a new level of brutality. Raised in 2005 by his leader JB Le Bail, Svart Crown pushed up the limits of musical blackness.
After several tours in the south of France, the band quickly improved its skills and started to crash the stages everywhere in the country, to defend the “Bloody Crown” EP.
With the first full-length album stages of Decay” (2008), Svart Crown got a deal with the label Rupture-Music, and had a strong piece of aggressive music to present. The band spread the word in the whole Europe, touring with Otargos, Artefact, and many other bands.
When drummer Gaël Barthélémy (Balrog, Diabolic, Drowning) and guitar player Clément Flandrois joined JB and Ludovic Veyssières (Bass),Svart Crown brutally grew up and had the perfect line-up to create a massive piece of hate : “Witnessing the Fall”, released on Listenable Records at the end of 2010. The band opened for Melechesh and Shining all over Western Europe, toured as a Headliner for a 3 weeks trip in the East, and took part in the “Great Mass Tour” with Septic Flesh in France. Svart Crown gained its place on major festivals, like Hellfest or Brutal Assault.
In may 2011, Gaël Barthélémy has been replaced by Nicolas Muller (Otargos, Artefact). Now the band is ready to go further and owns all the weapons to blast your ears. The band will continue to slam the stage on 2012, touring with Ulcerate (Relapse Recs) and taking part in other big fests, like the Inferno Mtal Fest in Switzerland, with Immortal, Messhugah and Tsjuder. See you on the road.
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