SuffokateA 5 piece beatdown/lobecore band from Oakland, California that formed in 2003.
Born from the dark depths of Oakland, CA in 2003, Suffokate has crafted their own brand of crushing death metal / hardcore music with plans of world domination. The band was formed by friends; Taylor & Lars who both shared a passion for death metal and beatdown music. Soon thereafter Bray took over bass duties. Their mission was to create devastating songs with well-written br00tal breakdowns. After several lineup changes and battling it out in the bay area hardcore sceneSuffokate, the band caught the attention of Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed) and soon released their first album entitled “Oakland” on his label, Stillborn Records. Coming off of the momentum of their first release and the addition of Ricky and Tesoro, the band destroyed in nearly every state across the country as they toured with such acts as Sworn Enemy, Bury Your Dead, All Shall Perish, For The Fallen Dreams, and Abigail Williams. Their hard work paid off as they recently signed with hardcore giant, Mediaskare Records.
Their Mediaskare debut entitled “No Mercy, No Forgiveness” came out on February 23rd, 2010 and features 10 new skull-rattling tracks that are sure to destroy everything in their path.
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