StraightawayStarted out in late 99, the band struggled for a few years to find a stable line-up and bassist, being seriously slowed down in the process of playing shows and recording. They however managed throughout the years to play with bands like No Use For A Name, Lagwagon, Strung Out, Bigwig, Coheed & Cambria, A Wilhelm Scream, The Lawrence Arms, Ten Foot Pole, Satanic Surfers, Paint It Black, Venerea, Undeclinable, Belvedere, Digger, Garrison amongst others.
In early 2005 they eventually get to record their first 5 track EP Emotions And Anger and right away get the opportunity of a european tour in support of Useless ID (Kung Fu records) in may -june 2005, playing 30 shows in 31 days, in front of a brand new and wider audience, across Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic and the UK... A new found stability was set through Fabs arrival on bass just after the band came back from touring. Ever since, Straightaway has been working on establishing itself worldwide and a long awaited upcoming full length entitled Democracy Of spreading Poverty due out in june 2007.
The band is currently signed in France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Canada and more deals are in the process right now. Constantly gaining fans and growing worldwide, Straightaway is definitely gonna be with this new full length one of european punk essential acts!
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