Stillbirth Are you ready for the total destruction? Stillbirth is coming like a tsunami and will smash your ears after a few seconds. Nasty Blastbeats, heavy grooves and sick slams combined with the stageenergy of 10 raging Bulls. Get your beachshorts on because it’s surftime. With a blunt in one Hand and a girl on the back through the storm. Total madness is awaiting you.
Stillbirth from Hagen / Germany was founded in 1999 by former Guitarist Lukas Swiaczny and plays a mix of Death Metal, Grindcore and Deathcore. In 2002 Stillbirth released it s first CD “Happy Stillbirth Party”. After personal changes and a break between 2004 and 2007, Stillbirth came back and participated with a new Lineup and crushing songs on the split CD’s “Supreme Brutal Legions 3” (Vrykoblast Recs / Singapore) and “Soldiers of Death” (Deathstar Recs. /USA)
With “Plakative Agressionen” their second long play record was released in 2009 (Rotten Roll Rex / Germany). That year Stillbirth also conquered the stages of Eastern Europe for the first time. For the next 2 years the Band spent time touring and promoting the record until they released the 3rd album “Endgame is Near” (Deafground Recs./ Germany) in 2011.
In 2015 Stillbirth released their 4rth album “Global Error” (Rising Nemesis Records) . After the release of “Global Error” Stillbirth went on Full USA Tour. Two months later Stillbirth entered the stages on a full Europe Tour.
A milestone was done, while Stillbirth signed a contract with “Unique Leader Records” from USA. The 5th Album “Annihilation of Mankind” was the next step in the Stillbirth History. Stillbirth’s next Album “Back to the Stoned Age” will be released inAugust 2019 and it will be a rerecording of the best songs from the previouse cd’s.
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