SpearheadFounded in 2003, Spearhead recorded their debut full-length "Deathless Steel Command" in mid-2005, later released through Invictus Productions in 2006. Following the release of the promo EP "When the Pillars Fall", Spearhead entered Hertz Studio to record their second album, "Decrowning the Irenarch" in June/July 2007. "Decrowning the Irenarch", once again released under the banner of Invictus Productions in December 2007, stands as a monument of imperious and martial Death Metal, testifying to the eternal truths of the warrior tradition.
The release of "Decrowning the Irenarch" marks the next stage of the Spearhead campaign; with tight musicianship, memorable song-writing, sophisticated lyrics/concept(s), and a state of the art production. This is an album of epic proportions, and superior Death Metal mastery.
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