SomrakSomrak was formed in 2001 by a fraction of deranged individuals that had the urge to inhale Uncreation and compose some carcinogenic Black Metal. As the cancer grew on other unworthy hylics - the form of Somrak was shapened into a band. Numerous gigs and recordings were accompanied by several line-up changes. Nevertheless, the cancer can not be killed, nor healed…
In 2005, Somrak set the first stones of the Devil's temple with the release of a 7'' split with Aesthenia - Gathering At The Ruins/Invocations Unto Belial, released through Vile Art Records. Following in 2007, the release of the first full-lenght album The Abhorred Blessings via Decadence Through Ruination was a mass of eight blessings to commemorate the presence of Satan.
For the next two years, Somrak manifested their malignant presence with fiery and bloodstained rituals as either headliners or supporting act. Spreading Uncreation over Metal Mania, Dunkelheit, Under The Black Sun,… alongside Urgehal, Inquisition, Nehëmah, Sargeist,… The end of spreading these blessings so abhorred, was marked by a tour with Corpus Christii in 2009.
In the beginning of 2010, the chalice of the beast was again contented with blood of Covenant Of The Undivine - a 12'' vinyl split with brothers from Grimoir, Krvnik and Samomor.
The cancer of Somrak now still grows…
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