SmargrothThe beginning of Smargroth was long long ago as now he is an old Troll.
Since he started searching for the path of the music 15 years ago, he gained experiences in thrash metal band Gallows, and after a long pause he finally found black metal as a superior genre of the music in the band Maleficus Angelus in 2004.
But as nothing is perfect, although Garghuf (the drummer of Gorgoroth) was in the same band, Smargroth left the band at the end of 2006, just to play in melodic death metal band Morana for half a year.
But as black metal was still the only right way for him, he tried forming his own band. This didn't work also, his visionary ideas were simply too unique for anyone to follow.
At the end he gave up, went in the state of solitude and started building his ultimate masterpiece. But there was a problem: he can't, wouldn't and dare not sing. So he collected the best vocalists around to participate in his great project. Legendary Veinz, Warped Creation, Kos and Machina did their parts exceptionaly good.
In the fall of 2009 Smargroth published his first album "The Arrival of Necrotronian", limited to just 200 copies.
Two years later, new album, named Empyreal Cycle, that was forged for 6 months in dark secrecy, is promising to change your days into inferno.
But as hordes of metalheads found Smargroth's music too good to be available only on CDs, Smargroth recruited soon recruited new experienced members Kos, Vraan, Ulverbite and Oybl, who obey his dictatorship and play with him on live concerts, just to please the wishes of his fans.
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