SlavengerSlavenger was originally founded in 2006 by Urban and Luka Kovačič (vocals and drums), Jan Laznik (lead guitar), Marko Žaucer (bass) and Andraž Auprich (rhytm guitar), under the name Fiery Grave. Since then the band went through some major changes in line-up. Urban left the band in 2007 due to difference in interests. After his departure, Andraž replaced him on vocals. This line-up lasted for nearly a year and about 5 gigs. But after that a new change was needed, again on the vocals. That's when Valentina came in. The band recruited her and was impressed by her performance. Then the whole thing got into motion and here we are... At the moment we are on one hand working on new material and on the other remaking the old one. In a week we'll hit the studio to record a DEMO and then distribute it all ASAP. Standby for more!
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