Skeletal Remains The band was founded in May 2011 under the name Anthropophagy by guitarist and singer Chris Monroy, guitarist Mike De La O and drummer Chris Reyes. In June, the band went to the studio to record the demo Desolate Isolation , which consisted of three songs and included a cover of the Pestilence song Chronic Infection . During the recording, Mike De La O left the band, so that in addition to Monroy, drummer Reyes played the missing guitar tracks. After the release, Adrius Marquez joined the band as bassist and Adrian Obregon as new guitarist, after which the group was renamed Skeletal Remains. In November 2012 the band released their debut album Beyond the Flesh via FDA Rekotz/ Soulfood , and played at several festivals in Europe in July and August of the following year. [1] In August 2015, the band released their second album Condemned to Misery.
With the third album Devouring Mortality , which was released in April 2018, the group reached their first chart position in the German album charts , where the work entered at number 96.
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