Skaphos The crew is diving in the depths of the sea, taken away by the mighty streams, lost and drown in madness where they can never escape. An ominous land at the border of reality. The story has been going on for centuries and shall never be forgotten.
Diving in the Skaphos, the Abyssal Black Death metal band starts its aventure from France in 2018, guided by Stephan Petitjean (guitar/voice), Théo Langlois (bass), Jérémy Tronyo (guitar) and Paul Sordet (drums). The first album called « Bathyscaphe » arises from the deep in 2020 and the band is touring since in all Europe sharing the scene with all the artists like BELPHEGOR, HATE, SUFFOCATION, VADER…
The exploration continues in the deepest trenches of the ocean. The second album is coming…
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