Silence BeforeSilence Before is a five piece heavy metal band from Maribor, Slovenia. Their trademark sound are the intense riffs, impact breakdowns and deep melodies that they use in their song writing. Since their debut EP "What A Fine Day For Violence" form 2011 the band is constantly improving their playing and performance with a modern approach to the metal and hardcore scene around the world.
The band formed in 2009 now consists of David Valh on vocals, Mitja Levašič and Davor Krueger on guitars, Domen Kovačič on bass guitar and Miha Vučko on drums. Their goal has always been to spread and share their music to the world so in 2012 they recorded a video for their single "United THrough Blood".
Since they started touring the band has had the opportunity to play with bands like Sabaium, Voice Of Violence, Frame, Roadkill BBQ, Inmate, Dead Dildo Drome, Embrace Destruction, Absurdity, Tonedown and has played bigger shows like Rock Otočec, Trn fest, Scena fest, Lampijončki and Eter fest.
In 2013 the band started promoting their newest release "On The Edge Of The World" which marked another mille stone to a wider audience around the world.
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