Shattered RealmStarted in the ruins of a dead New Jersey hardcore scene, 5 souls have risen from the ashes to resurrect a dead state. While clubs shut their doors and pioneering bands were in their last states of rigor mortis, a new terror was being conceived in the bowels of New Jersey. Shattered Realm started their reign with Chris on vox, Eric on bass, Al on drums, and Joe None and Alex on guitar. SR went back into the lab to re-arrange every song from the first demo and begin the writing process for a new full length. In the summer of 2001 SR released their CD EP All Will Suffer, which was all the newly re-arranged songs from the demo and one brand new track This World is Mine. With that, SR started to wreak havoc throughout NJ, NYC, and PA. After creating such a buzz, record labels had no choice but to pay attention. By the winter, they decided to release the EP through a label started by a longtime friend and well respected distro - War Machine Records. With shows to the point of insanity, great CD sales, and attention from countless labels, Alex decided it was time for him and SR to part ways. With no bad blood between the band and Alex, he went off to start a new project, and Pat from the already established NJHC band, Path of Aggression, was called upon to step in and fill the vacancy. If you are visiting this page for the first time I am sure you are wondering what Shattered Realm sounds like. Mix together the heavy breakdowns of Hatebreed, All Out War, and Sepultura along with the fast two steps and straight up metal riffs of Slayer you have Shattered Realm. Shattered Realm has released one album with Eulogy/Alveran, Broken Ties... Spoken Lies...
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