ShadowIconThe beginning of the ShadowIcon story goes back to the year 2006 when a few friends had an idea to form a band. Each member was influenced by different musical styles so eventually we decided to play metal. It soon became evident that our style of metal isn't for just every member, so in the first months of 2007 the line-up changed dramatically. All that was left of ShadowIcon were 2 guitar players - Tomaž and Bojan. But very soon Gašper Novak filled in the rhythm section gap and so the first true ShadowIcon songs were written with just two guitars and drums. But we were only in the beginning of our road and were in a desperate search for a bass player, a keyboard player and a vocalist.
One thirsty winter evening destiny brought Bojan and Matej together. At that time Matej was a bass player who played in several bands but none of them resembled his wish - to play more melodic metal. His wish then came true - he became the new Shadow member. The band went on, composing new material but something was still missing ... In February Bojan and Matej went to a metal concert where Divine Illusion had that very missing link that ShadowIcon needed. Peter was recruited as a new keyboard player which gave band a new boost, fresh ideas and a new desire to continue. In the constant search for a vocalist, they held many auditions but nobody seemed quite right for the spot. So in the year 2008 they decided to go and record some of their songs - instrumentaly. In October 2008 and May/June 2009 they recorded all the instrumental tracks for their first full lenght debut album entitled "Empire In Ruins". Unfortunately there were major band frictions just as the band was finishing their recording in May 2009 which eventually led to Gašper leaving the band and ShadowIcon re-recording all the drums for the “Empire in Ruins” album in June 2009. Later that year a new drummer joined ShadowIcon - Andrej Vnuk - so the band line up was again missing "only a vocalist". During the rehearsals with the new drummer, band held a few auditions and met the perfect candidate to fill in the missing link. So in the fall of 2009 vocalist Ana Prijatelj joined the band. ShadowIcon was complete for the first time ever. From that time on, ShadowIcon were arranging lyrics and vocal / back vocal lines and preparing to finish the Empire In Ruins album. In the spring of 2011 Ana recorded all the vocal tracks for the debut album and later that year Empire In Ruins was released. In the fall of 2011 Vid Zgonc became the new drummer for ShadowIcon. In 2012 the band entered the studio Jork in Dekani (Slovenia) to record the songs for the new EP - Smoke And Mirrors. In 2013 Vid Zgonc left the band and was later replaced with Žiga Ravšelj who is also a long time friend of the band.
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