Serpentyne Serpentyne are a symphonic metal band from the UK.
Their music blurs the lines between folk, Celtic music and metal, creating a diverse and kaleidoscopic sound.
The band combines symphonic elements with female lead vocals and lyrics centered around myths, legends, historical figures and folklore.
Each song is an immersive listening experience, where the lyrics, music and attitude of the performers come together to perfection.
In addition to the band’s cinematic penchant for engaging storytelling, the quality of their productions is undeniable. The sound is crisp, direct and in the same class as the world’s most celebrated symphonic metal bands.
Maggiebeth, the lead singer, has a unique way of enticing the audience, showcasing a fantastic dynamic range, as well as matching the band’s intensity to perfection.
From hard-hitting and raw, to melodic and highly nuanced, Serpentyne are a metal band with a unique allure to their sound, and their quickly rising reputation speaks for itself.
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