Septic ScumIt all started in April 2007, after five molesters were aloud to make music of their own. At first Septic Scum was only a side project, we all have played in diffrent bands (Necrology and Algor - r.i.p.), but we all wanted to play something faster, more brutal with sick ass lyrics. So we gave it a try...It worked like a charm!!! After only one month we have had our first gig, the response from the public was awesome. So we decided to keep the machine working at full speed. The abuse has started and you can not stop it!!!
Growl - Luka Kranjec a.k.a. Grindc
Lungs - Jure Bence a.k.a. Boiler
Guitar - Jernej Križnik
Bass - Benjamin Košir
Drums - Bine Košir
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