SavioursFormed in 2004, Saviours are the end product of a “vision-quest” by guitarist/vocalist Austin Barber and drummer Scott Batiste. An ipecac reaction to the sorry state of heavy music, they aimed to assemble an epically heavy, crushingly loud band that would reinvigorate their love for excessive volume. The band’s home base of Oakland, long since a hotbed for landmark metal and crust bands such as El Dopa, Neurosis, and High on Fire, provided the decay and terror necessary to fuel such an effort. Inspired by ’70s doom, NWOBHM, power metal and “˜90s black metal, as well as that which informed West Coast hardcore punk and skate culture (think Black Flag and groups like BL’AST! and Poison Idea), Saviours fortify the positions originally suggested on their debut EP Warship and first album Crucifire with Into Abaddon, its punishing riffage and Barber’s venomous lyrics leading the charge. Rounded out by Drunk Horse bassist Cyrus Comiskey and D. Tyler Morris on second guitar, Saviours provoke a violent response to all in metal that does not ring true.
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