Satura LanxIn our short existence we have musically come a long way. Having a background in black metal, ambient and what not, we started out in 2001 in a small city of Huittinen, Western Finland, playing some brand of alternative metal. After going through the ordinary line-up changes, independent releases and a bunch of live performances our style has progressed to what we call a mixture of punk, hardcore, rock and metal.
Being the nuisance of enthusiastically and even intentionally bringing together elements from different styles you (probably) always encounter the same kind of problems: as many ears you please - as many toes you step on. As many communities you feel belonging to - as many have trouble welcoming you. Whichever side you feel taking on you have inspired us many a great song - so thank you!
No fighting the furies is our debut album. We wrote the songs during the first half of 2005 and of course we are extremely proud of them. We were hoping of securing a some kind of deal to produce the record but for some odd reason it never happened... We ended up doing the thing on our own, and we got Jonas Olsson, a great producer and a great guy to help us through the process.
The end result, 10 songs and 30 minutes, is the most diverse stuff we've ever written and recorded, yet both lyrically and in overall feeling the gloomiest.
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