SathanasSATHANAS music is powerful, fresh and full of energy, combining the rawness of Death Metal with the intricacies of Thrash Metal. Paul Tucker delivers well developed guitar leads and rhythms with raspy high end vocals. Bill Davidson follows up with punchy bass lines and bestial growls combined with a tempestuous blackened heartbeat driven by drummer Jim Strauss. SATHANAS lyrics are anti-Christian in nature painting dark soundscapes with visions of the apocalypse and the fall of mankind. SATHANAS released their infamous demo “Ripping Evil” in 1988 featuring the cult favorite “Jaws of Satan”. A seven inch vinyl was recorded in 1994 for Reaper Records of Belgium also entitled “Ripping Evil”. The year 1999 would bring about the first full length release, “Armies of Charon” on the label Supernal Music of London. In 2001 Sathanas signed a recording/distribution deal with’s Cybertzara Productions releasing “Black Earth” and “Thy Dark Heavens”. “Thy Dark Heavens” was supported by a small European tour, gaining many fans from across the Atlantic . Later that year the MCD “Cruentus Diabolos” was released on Drakkar Productions of France. SATHANAS released the CD “Jaws of Satan” in 2002 as a split CD between SATHANAS and BATHYM, a side project of Paul’s from SATHANAS’ early days, which featured the entire “Ripping Evil” demo as well as early live recordings from both bands. November 2002 would see the addition of former ACHERON drummer Jim Strauss finally solidifying the bands line-up. 2003 brought about the release of the highly sought after seven inch vinyl “Warlords of Death” on Agonia Records of Poland. In 2005 SATHANAS released the highly acclaimed “Entering the Diabolic Trinity” on Pulverised Records of Singapore. In support of “Entering The Diabolic Trinity” SATHANAS appeared at the Festung Open Air Festival in Bitterfeld, Germany as well as the Extreme Aggression IV festival in Leeuwarden, Holland. Early in 2007 SATHANAS released two previously recorded, but long delayed productions, the MCD “Flesh for the Devil” on Pagan Records of Poland, and the CD “Hex Nefarious” on Death to Mankind Records of Spain. Displaying noticeable development both musically and lyrically, SATHANAS recorded their best work to date, “Crowned Infernal” in April/May of 2007 for Pulverised Records at Inner Tube Studios in Ambridge , PA USA . The master discs were then sent to Stockholm , Sweden for mixing and mastering by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studios. “Crowned Infernal” is scheduled for release on April 28th, 2008, bringing to the close of a great relationship between Pulverised Records and SATHANAS.
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